Things to do in Barcelona with kids

We will be visiting Spain in the spring, starting in Barcelona. Our children 9 and 13 are full of energy and can keep up with busy schedules; so it is important that they have lots to do. What are attractions and activities we can consider in our Barcelona itinerary ?

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8 Attractions and activities for children in Barcelona

Barcelona has varied attractions and activities to keep children engaged and occupied.

1. Walking tours in Barcelona with kids

There are many walking tours in Barcelona designed with children in mind. I recommend Runner Bean Kids and family walking tour. This tour, specially designed for those traveling to Barcelona as a family, has the right mix of history, pictures, imagination, role play and education. The guide manages to hold the attention of the child through the three-hour walking tour of Barcelona.

Kids love feeding pigeons at Pl. Catalunya

2. Gaudi Theatrical visit

Casa Batllo has an interesting theatrical visit where “Antoni Gaudí himself" shows every corner of Casa Batllo to children. This fun and entertaining option focused on family audiences has an actor play-acting Gaudi and holding the attention of children. (Passeig de Gràcia, 43, 08007 ; +34 93 216 03 06)

3. Montjuic visit by Cable car

Children love visit to Montjuic for the cable ride
Kids will love to travel to Montjuïc from Barceloneta beach through the air. Look for the Transbordador Aeri cable car ride from Barceloneta beach. This longer and more scenic cable ride (compared to the Montjuic Hill cable car) is a big hit with children.

4. Poble Espanyol

Poble Espanyol is a village re-creation of architectural buildings from different regions of Spain. Children can run on the streets inside the attraction, and at the same time admire the architecture of different provinces of Spain.

Expose children to architectural heritage of Spain
Within Poble Espanyol, there are more than 30 workshops of artisans who work leather, glass, iron, ceramics... making it an educational experience for children. On weekends, Poble Espanyol holds festivals, shows, and a treasure hunt in the village that will delight children. (Av Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 13, 08038, ;+34 935 08 63 00)

5. Beach Outing in Barcelona

Barcelona beach is one of the best family beaches in Spain
The southernmost beach of Barcelona, Platja de la Nova Icària, has the reputation of being the most family friendly and provides a perfect setting for your child to build sand castles, play netball and go on bike rides.

6. CosmoCaixa Barcelona

The whole museum is interactive and interesting. At CosmoCaixa Barcelona, kids can play, see, and touch everything. This helps kids to learn scientific principles in a hands-on way.

Huge rain forest at CosmoCaxia is where children will love to get lost
One of the main attractions of CosmoCaixa is the huge rain forest, a big hit with children. If you visit Barcelona with kids, be sure to budget at least 3 hours at the CosmoCaxia museum.(Carrer d'Isaac Newton, 26, 08022, +34 932 12 60 50)

7. Museu de la Xocolata

This is one museum all children will enjoy
The Chocolate Museum is a major attraction and a must for families traveling to Barcelona. The attractions for the child are the large chocolate models and the shop strategically placed at the end of the tour. %%The entrance ticket to Museu de la Xocolata is a chocolate bar which you scan to go in then eat it once you leave!! (Carrer del Comerç, +34 932 68 78 78)

8. El Rei De La Magia

El Rei De La Magia is the oldest magic shop in the world. At El Rei De La Magia, you can buy levitation brooms, glasses of disappearing milk and decks of magic cards.

A visit to El Rei De La Magia will make sure your child believes that trip to Barcelona was combined with a trip to Hogwarts! (Carrer de les Jonqueres, +34 933 18 71 92)

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If you are visiting Barcelona with a tween, a daytrip to Portaventura can be considered.
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Barcelona is super fun for Kids

Barcelona is an excellent choice for a trip with the family. It’s a welcoming city that has something for everyone. Culturally the Spanish are quite age inclusive, you’ll see children in all facets of life, at restaurants with the adults while they drink and chat, late at night, wandering the streets with mom and dad. The nature of life here is to include the youngsters, so don’t fret on fitting in with kids in tow.

Top Barcelona Attractions for kids

Parc de la Ciutadella and Barcelona Zoo
Bigger and more central than Turo Parc (below), Parc de la Ciutadella has it all. You’ll find a waterfall, a children’s play area, and a lake with geese and row boats. You’ll also find two museums (probably less suitable for the kids) and the zoo here.

The zoo is not overwhelming in size but it is a great option to entertain the kids for some time. Keep in mind that in the heat of the day most animals will be sleeping, this is normal and unrelated to the zoo, so for the best animal viewing go early morning or late in the day. Entrance can be booked online for a 20% discount. Kids under 3 are free.

Turo Parc
At the center of the park sits a big, beautiful pond with flowering lilies in the springtime. The paths that run through the park wind their way around huge, old trees and lush, green, grassy areas. There is a children’s play area and parents will not only be intrigued by the colorful properties that surround the park but also by the bar in its interior serving drinks and snacks.

Again, the aquarium is not rated as one of the top ones, but it will certainly keep the kids entertained. Highlights include a glass tunnel through the shark enclosure as well as the penguin enclosure. Aim to schedule your visit around feeding time to get to know the names of the penguins. You can also dive with sharks, but the experience will cost you at €150 per person. Entrance can be booked online for a 10% discount.

Activities for kids in Barcelona

Dragon Hunting Tour
An excellent walking tour for kids a bit older (it’s recommended for ages 6 and up) this dragon hunting tour is a type of scavenger hunt through the Gothic Quarter in search of some of the more than 1,000 dragons in the neighborhood. The kids will learn a bit of history and the stories behind the dragons, both good and evil. The tour is offered through Kids & Cat and costs €19/child (accompanied) and €15/adult.

El Cau
A concept space deigned with kids in mind. Essentially this area is a big, modern, brain stimulating playground. With ropes to climb, slides to roll down and tunnels to duck through kids will have a ball in here. Mornings here are usually dominated by the younger bubs while afternoons the big kids take over, but respect is always mandatory. There’s a café for parents to enjoy as well. Book your time as it does fill up. €4/morning €6/afternoon.

Chocolates and Pastry Tasting Tour
This one will hit the spot with the whole family. Spend three hours around the city sampling the best in chocolates and pastries. You’ll have more than 10 samplings at a minimum of 5 different venues. You’ll hear stories and learn something on the tour as well as leave with your sweet tooth mora than satiated.

Kids will be at no shortage of entertainment and parents won’t have to sacrifice their enjoyment for the sake of the children. You will have to seek out green space, but even in a city full of busy streets it’s there. So, from the parks to zoo and the aquarium we’ll easily fill up your days and your kids will go home happy and sleep easily through the night!

Getting around Barcelona with kids is easy

With such a large city, it’s a wise idea to get a transit pass so the kids aren’t walking all day. Unfortunately, kids tickets sell for the same price as adults but if you buy them online you get a 10% discount. Another great way to get around, if your kids will sit still for a while, is on the hop on hop off buses. Here children do travel cheaper with under 3’s going for free and a discount for 4-12 year olds.

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Kids love these Restaurants in Barcelona

Pudding is a beautifully decorated café owned by a French woman. There is a kids play area with toys and you can organize kids parties here. They are open 7 days a week except for Christmas. Breakfast and desert offerings get good reviews unfruantely many people make complaints about slow or unfriendly service.

Family Room Café
Family Room Café, the name says it all. Offering not only a kids play area but also high chairs and changing tables makes this an ideal spot for grown up and kids alike to enjoy. Prices aren’t cheap comparable to the rest of the city but you pay for a bit of relaxation here as well.

La Nena
La Nena again has a room in the back to keep kids of all ages entertained. It’s cakes, coffees and breakfasts all get rave reviews.

Top Family Hotels in Barcelona

Hotel Jazz Barcelona is a great choice for kids as it’s got a rooftop swimming pool to keep them busy. In the El Raval district it’s centrally located so no long walks for any youngsters. Breakfast here isn’t recommended at €15 you’ll de better elsewhere.

Europark Hotel Barcelona is a very similar choice, in the same area also with a rooftop pool. With little to distinguish these two hotels, check the prices and see what best suits your travel dates.

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My personal suggestion for kids is Montjuic attractions with a focus on Poble Espanyol, also in Montjuic.

  1. Take the Aeri Cable Car from San Sebastia beach to Montjuic Hill. Kids love this exciting ride above the city, and so do adults.

  2. Then in Montjuic, first go up to the Montjuic Castle and make sure to see the armory, another hit with kids.

  3. Come down to Poble Espanyol Spain Village, possibly via the 1992 Olympic Stadium if you have time and if the kids are interested.

  4. Finish off your day with kids in the evening, with the water-sound-light show at Font Magica.

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You should also look at a day trip to PortAventura, one of Europe's largest theme park with rides and shows that will keep adults, teens and children engaged. The Ferrari Land at PortAventura in unique and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

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It is one of the most famous amusement parks in Barcelona. "The plane" or "The carousel" are two of the best known attractions of this park. Admission is free for children under 90 centimeters, 10 euros for under 120 centimeters and 28 euros for other people. You can also go up by the funicular, since it is located very high in the Collserola mountain range behind Barcelona. This is also a place to visit for amazing views of Barcelona.

Abracadabra Llibres per nens

This is a beautiful and charming bookstore specializing in children's literature. There are usually very fun learning activities and the selection of children’s books is the best there is.
It is located in the Gothic Quarter.

Museo del Mamut (Mammoth Museum)

This incredible museum sure will attract the little ones, as their exhibits are spectacular; A cave bear, a giant mammoth, the "saber tooth" tiger ... There are also many activities for kids here.
It is located in the Born.

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FCB Barcelona conducts Soccer Clinic for children (boys from 8 to 16 and girls from 13 to 16) in summer. Kids passionate about football will not want to miss the opportunity to be trained by FCB club.

You can get details of the programme from the official site

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