Tapas class in Madrid

Is it possible to learn tapas cooking on our visit to Madrid? Where should we go?

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Three of the most popular Tapas Cooking Classes in Madrid

Cooking Point

Your first option is Cooking Point. Here you will be able to learn how to cook traditional Spanish tapas in a class instructed in English. The classes last four hours and cost 70 euro for adults and 35 euro for children. You will get to prepare 5 different traditional tapas and an additional dessert.
Address : Calle Moratin 11, 28014 Madrid, Spain

A punto

You could check out A Punto. This cooking class offers the chance to cook 10 traditional Spanish tapas, pintxos style. Pintxos are a variant of tapas that is traditional of the northern region of Spain. The class will also include a wine pairing from the best regions of Spain to compliment the tapas. This class is 3.5 hours long and costs 60 euros.
Address : Calle Hortaleza 64, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Escuela Cocinea

Last but not least, Escuela Cocinea offers a tapas cooking class as well. The classes are offered in a beautiful space cover a wide range of foods. If you are only interested in tapas, they have a class that teaches 5 different tapas and costs 45 euros. This class focuses more on Spanish food with a twist of modernity, so give it a shot!
Address: Calle Plomo 10, 28045 Madrid, Spain

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