Must try drinks in Madrid

What are the traditional Spanish drinks that I need to try in Madrid?

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Vermouth from the tap

If there was only one suggestion that I could make, I would be telling you to try vermouth from the tap, like a beer, it is very Madrileno.

Gin and Tonic

The old fashioned Gin and Tonic is an all time, all age favourite in Madrid. Go to any bar and be prepared to be swamped by dozens of types of Gin to choose from. The drinks are made very strong too, so go slow, and eat something as you drink.

Even Mercado San Miguel has many varieties of Gin

Tinto de verano

A simple cocktail of wine and either lemonade or orange soda, tinto de verano is a popular drink on hot Madrid afternoons. Served cold and usually over ice, this refreshing mix is also common at picnics.


Often served by the pitcher, sangria is perfect for enjoying with friends. At its most basic, it’s simply a mix of red wine and fresh fruit, but you’ll find hundreds of variations on this classic Spanish tipple across the city.


Cerveza (beer) is extremely popular in Spain, and you’ll often find it served by the ‘cana’- a small glass - in Madrid’s bars. Common bottled and draft lagers include San Miguel, Estrella, and Mahou, though craft beer is becoming more popular and there are dozens of craft beer operations in the city which produce and serve their own brews.

Head to Casa Labra in Gran Via. You can have Vermouth from tap and Rioja`s wine served in glass with fried codfish as an appetizer.

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Where to try your vermouth?

Casa Labra

The Casa Labra is one of the best places to get a vermouth. It is in a highly touristic area, but has been in the same spot since 1860.

Casa Labra

El Anciano Rey de los Vinos

Another great Vermouth bar in front of the Almudena Cathedral. Very good place! (in fact, haven’t been there in a while and remembering about it now is starting to create a whim!)

El Anciano Rey de los Vinos

Other two places in which I tried a fantastic Vermouth are La Ardosa (Calle Colón 13, in Malasaña) and Casa Camacho (Calle San Andrés 4). There’s also a place in Barrio Chueca called Angel Sierra (Calle Gravina 11) that it’s famous for its vermouth, although I’ve never tried it.

Wherever you try, be sure, however, to ask for “Vermouth de grifo” (draft vermouth), to be sure you’re getting the real thing and not a glass of bottled Red Martini.

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Madrid is famous for its handcrafted gin and exquisite cocktail concoctions. To appreciate how serious Madrid is about mixology, visit 1862 Dry Bar in Malasaña. Besides the classics, 1862 Dry Bar offers 10 signature cocktails, try at least one of them.

You should also go to Museo Chicote (Calle Gran Via 12, Tel: +34-915-326-737. Founded in 1931 by mixologist Pedro Chicote who authored several books on cocktails and cocktail culture. Famous personalities like Ernest Hemingway,Salvador Dali and Ava Gardner were regulars at Museo Chicote. You will see their favorite cocktails in the menu

Ernest Hemmingway's watering hole in Madrid
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