Best views of Sagrada Familia

There seems to be a consensus that Nativity tower offers best views FROM Sagrada Familia. Where should we go for the best views OF Sagrada Familia from the outside?

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Head here for the best views of Sagrada Familia

1. Placa de Gaudi Park

Park opposite Sagrada Familia, Placa de Gaudi, offers the best bet to capture that perfect shot.

Make sure to view Sagrada Familia from the park across

2. Sant Pau

15 minutes walk through the Paseo Gaudi will get you to Sant Pau (Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau), a world heritage site. Sant Pau has many lookouts, with excellent views of Sagrada Familia. This art nouveau building is highly underrated and not visited by even a quarter of tourists visiting Sagrada Familia.

By itself, San Pau is worth a visit.
Sant Pau was designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, another famous Modernisme Architect. You may not believe it but the building housed a hospital till as late as 2009.

3. Terrace of Sensation Sagrada Familia Apartment

Sensation Apartments is a private apartment complex, just 100 meters off Sagrada Familia. The apartment boasts of impressive views of Sagrada Familia from its terrace. Admission to the terrace is restricted to guests unless you seek special permission. (Call : +34 935 15 07 09)

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Just visiting Sagrada Familia? - The best views are from the adjacent parks

Placa de Gaudi and Placa de La Sagrada Familia - parks facing the Nativity and Passion towers - have the best views of Sagrada Familia.

Both parks have shaded areas with a garden where children can play and the family can relax with an ice cream.

Make sure to go to Placa de Gaudi or Placa de Sagrada Familia after you finish your visit of the Basilica.

Sant Pau as mentioned earlier is nice to visit as an attraction by itself. While it has a clear view of Sagrada Familia, it is from quite a distance compared to my suggestions in this post.

Gaudi's Nest apartments

If you decide to stay in the area, Gaudi's Nest has 4 apartments with balconies and a shared terrace with direct views of the Nativity Tower.

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Sagrada Familia view from the terrace of Ayre Hotel Rosellon

Only 200 m away from Sagrada Familia is Ayre Hotel Rosellon, a 4 star hotel which is also close to Sensation Sagrada Familia apartments mentioned earlier.

The terrace has nice view of Sagrada Familia but the view you will get is a north-south view where the towers are still being constructed.

Apartments with Sagrada Familia views available on airbnb

Look for airbnb apartments close to Sagrada Familia. There are quite a few listed with pictures of Sagrada Familia from their bedroom window or from the balcony.

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