Can I learn Flamenco in Madrid?

I want to learn some Flamenco when we visit Madrid. Where should I go - are there classes for beginners?

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Flamenco class for the casual tourist

For those who want the full flamenco experience, Casa Patas offers it all. You can see a real Flamenco show, have dinner and put your moves to the test with a one-hour class for beginners starting at the price of 60 euros.

For the more serious Flamenco dancer

Centro Amor de Dios is one of Madrid’s most respected Flamenco schools. Some of the teachers are even famous professional dancers! They offer classes to all levels of dancers, too. Website

Flamenco and Spanish together

For tourists who want to learn Spanish and Flamenco in the same session Elemadrid, is the perfect place. Elemadrid is a Spanish Institute that hosts 2-hour Flamenco classes for beginners. All at an amazing price of 15 euros. Website

Flamenco along with other dances

For those who want to learn Flamenco and get a great workout, Centro de Ocio El Horno is a great place to checkout. El Horno (which translates to “the oven”) is a hot place to learn Flamenco, as well as other forms of dance such as Salsa, Bachata or Tango. Website

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Amor de Dios is the best flamenco school in Madrid. Visit the centre even if you do not plan to enroll into their flamenco course.

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