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Madrid Flamenco show reviews | Madrid Nightlife

Madrid Flamenco show reviews

What are some local resident recommended places to see flamenco shows in Madrid?

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Where to watch Flamenco in Madrid?

One activity to enjoy while visiting Madrid is Flamenco. Because of Madrid’s status as the cultural capital of the country, the city continually attracts Spain’s top Flamenco dancers.

A great way to experience Flamenco is to go to a dinner-show. This allows you to simultaneously experience the cuisine and culture of the country. Many of the restaurants that offer a dinner-show will also offer just the show. Personally, I would book only the performance.

Review of my top 10 favorite Madrid flamenco shows

1. Corral de la Moreria – Highly acclaimed and in a great location

Corral de la Morería is known as one of the world’s best tablaos. It has been featured in the New York Times #1 best seller “1000 Places to See Before You Die”.

This tablao has a great location, next door to the Royal Palace and between San Francisco El Grande and Catedral Almudena. A downside to this venue is that the building’s pillars can block your view if you are seated at a bad table. Corral de la Morería is located at C/Morería 17 and can be reached from the La Latina metro station. Prices are €40 for the Flamenco show and €48-100 for dinner.

2. Cardomomo – Attracts the best Flamenco talent in Madrid

Cardamomo has hosted many gifted Flamenco dancers since opening in 1994. Due to their reputation of attracting talented dancers, the late-night show is quick to sell out. Cardomomo is my recommendation if you are looking for a great price to quality ratio. Besides great dancing, you can enjoy an appetizer, salad, and unlimited sangria. Cardamomo is located at C/Echegaray 15 and can be reached from the Sol metro station. A show plus drink costs between €25 and €39.

3. Torres Bermejas – Fantastic interiors, packed house

Next on my list is Torres Bermejas, about 15 minutes on foot from the Royal Palace. If you wish to see the legendary “Camaron de la Isla”, this is your only option. In addition to the wonderful dancing, as one of the oldest tablaos in Madrid, they boast an impressive interior design which mimics the Alhambra Palace in Granada. They can be reached from the Callao metro station. A drink plus the show, which is the option I recommend, costs €37, while dinner and a show starts at €65.

4. Las Carboneras – Intimate venue

Small venue in a great location close to Mercado San Miguel. Another old-style establishment, or Cafés Cantantes, is Las Carboneras. Although the front tables are reserved for those having dinner, I suggest forgoing dinner and instead only paying for just the show with a drink. Before enjoying the flamenco dance show, , visit Mercado San Miguel for dinner. It is only about a 2-minute walk.

If you plan to visit Las Carboneras, be sure to book in advance. There is even a coupon available from Sandemans Free Tours for a €10 discount. Las Carboneras can be reached from the Sol metro station. A drink plus the show costs €28 while dinner plus the show costs €70.

5. Las Tablas – Affordable, comfortable, and central

If you are looking for something more modern, try Las Tablas. Las Tablas always produces high-quality shows and is headed by two renowned Flamenco dancers. The show is small, only a guitarist, singer, two female dancers and a male dancer. The show is also relatively inexpensive.

Like many of the tablaos, the dinner option is not worth the price you would pay. It is located between Templo Debod and the Royal Palace, making it a nice choice to round out a day of sightseeing. The show plus a drink costs €27 while the show with dinner starts at €49.

6. Casa Patas – Real Flamenco in a Flamenco school

Casa Patas is not only a restaurant and tablao, but a Flamenco school and the home of a Flamenco school. If you decide to visit Casa Patas, make sure to request a front row seat. Although you can hear the vocalists and guitarist throughout the room, the front row gives you an excellent view of the dancers’ feet. Tablao can be reached from the Antón Martín metro station. The show plus a drink costs €34 and the show plus dinner starts at €60. Be sure to make a reservation on their website.

7. Cafe de Chinitas – The best tablao in Madrid for a show + dinner option

Café de Chinitas is one tablao that may be worth the dinner-show option as this tablao also runs La Bola, a well know restaurant that has been in existence since the late 1800s. They are housed in a seventeenth century palace and are well-known for its Andalusian style.

Café de Chinitas is located next to the Royal Palace. The show plus a drink costs €39 and the show plus dinner starts at €57.

8. Tablao Villa Rosa – Great location, large wine list, very popular with tourists

If you’re looking for some good wine options with your Flamenco, check out Tablao Villa Rosa. This tablao has a nice selection of Spanish wines. They also have high-quality guitarists, dancers, and vocalists, making them a popular choice. The show plus a drink costs €22 and the show plus dinner starts at €42. Be sure to make a reservation

9. La Taberna de Mister Pinkleton – Close to the famous Botin restaurant

La Taberna de Mister Pinkleton, next to the Plaza Mayor and Restaurant Botin is a great venue. They are small and the staff is very welcoming. The dancing is high quality, but the announcements are only in Spanish, so it can be hard to follow at times. A little different than the other venues I’ve mentioned, the show plus a drink costs €20 while the show plus dinner costs €55 but includes 3 performances. As they are a smaller venue, be sure to make a reservation.

10. Cafetín La Quimera – Intimate venue, great food, but not central

Rounding out my recommendations is Cafetín La Quimera. The show is more improvised than other Flamenco performances in Madrid, which when paired with the smaller venue creates a more intimate experience. This is probably my top recommendation as even the food is great, making for a complete evening. It really feels less touristy than some of the other shows available in the city.

The only real downside I can find is that it is located outside the city center about 10 minutes on foot from the Manuel Becerra metro station. The show plus a drink costs €15 and the show plus dinner starts at €28. Be sure to make reservations

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Flamenco Candela in Lavapies area is one more flamenco place that is worth a recommendation. The show is staged on a small stage, so be there by 1045pm for the 11 pm show. For an entry price of around €15, you will be treated to an excellent flamenco show.
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The best flamenco dancers will never perform in a restaurant or in flamenco venues but only in a theater. However, such theatrical performances are rare and often not convenient for tourists.

Tablaos of Madrid might cater to tourists, but they do put up fiery performances to enthrall tourists. Most of Madrid tablaos offer a combined ticket for show and dinner. I do not recommend having your dinner with the flamenco performance as the restaurants are mediocre.

My favorite is Corral de la Morería (Calle de la Morería 17), the oldest in the city and probably most authentic. I would advise making reservations prior to showing up at the door.

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Visit a Madrid tablao (flamenco stage). While tablaos cater to tourists, you can be sure their performances are authentic as in Andalusia.

Reviews of Flamenco shows in Madrid

  1. Casa Patas

    The well-established Casa Patas is arguably the best places to experience an authentic Flamenco show. There is a single performance on weekdays and two per night on weekends. Get there early and chances are you’ll be seated on one of the tables in front of the stage.
    Calle Cañizares, 10, 28012, Madrid,Spain

    +34 913 69 04 96    Website

  2. Cardamomo

    It is popular with American tourists as it bills itself as “The only Flamenco tablao in Madrid recommended by the New York Times”. The show is brilliant performed by enthusiastic dancers.
    Calle Echegaray, 15, 28014, Madrid,Spain

    +34 918 05 10 38    Website

  3. Corral de la Morería

    When it comes to flamenco tablaos in Madrid, Corral de la Morería is the cream of the crop. It is the oldest establishment in the city and has been putting on shows for over 50 years. They frequently have famous artists and the restaurant is great too, but you have to pay for quality.
    Calle de la Moreria, 17, 28005, Madrid,Spain

    +34 913 65 11 37    Website

  4. Torres Bermejas

    Another great pick for flamenco in Madrid. Torres Bermejas has hosted many famous dancers, as well as guests, since its founding in 1960. The food is notable along with their décor, which is modeled after the famous Alhambra in Granada.
    Calle Mesonero Romanos, 11, 28013, Madrid,Spain

    +34 915 31 03 53    Website

  5. Café de Chinitas

    This flamenco stop, similar to Torres Bermejas, is also known for it’s beautiful décor. The intricate hanging shawls that provide a background for the talented flamenco dancers are a must see. Shows are given daily, but reservations must be made in advance.
    Calle Torija, 28013, Madrid,Spain

    +34 915 47 15 02    Website

  6. Las Tablas

    Las Tablas entered the flamenco scene very recently, but has been successful making a name for itself among the established venues. Shows are also given each day, in the evening. This is a great venue to watch a flamenco show because you have freedom in choosing how much you want to spend, from just a ticket to the show to an all inclusive meal and show combo.
    Plaza Espana 9, 28008, Madrid,Spain

    +34 915 42 05 20    Website

  7. Cafetín La Quimera

    If you are simply interested in getting a taste of flamenco without breaking the bank, we provided a discount option that won’t sacrifice quality. This venue focuses on authenticity, and the history of flamenco. You can get a ticket to the show with a drink included for around 15 euro.
    Calle de Sancho Dávila, 34, 28028, Madrid,Spain

    +34 913 56 93 61    Website

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To be honest, Madrid residents are not really interested in flamenco shows, it is mostly a southern Spain tradition, and it is generally a tourist interest. That said here are my personal favorites:

Corral de la Morería in Morería Street 17 is, without doubt, the most famous and old “tablao” in Madrid. It is expensive at 40-100 euros for the dinner and show. Expensive but well organized. Also, the stage is raised higher making it easier to watch the show. Corral de la Morería is always full of tourists and they do the shows basically for them, nothing wrong with it!

Torres Bermeja “tablao” is a little less known and not so “tourist oriented” as the previous one. The decoration of the place is Arabic resembling the Alhambra de Granada and it is the place where Camarón and Paco de Lucía meet for the first time (for the ones who do not know they are the best Flamenco singer and guitarist of all times).

La Pachecha is the rebirth of the famous Corral de la Pacheca, with the well-known Antonio Canales as choreographer, one of the most prestigious bailaores in history.

Cardamomo Tablao is loved by the public. It has excellent musicians, talented cantaores, and skillful bailaores. A good place to feel flamenco’s soul.

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Andalusia is considered the spiritual home of flamenco. However, Madrid is where you will find most of the action. Artists come to Madrid to make a name for themselves. You are not going to become big if you restrict your performances only to caves of Sacromonte. I suppose ambitious Broadway artist would move to New York to get the exposure.

To experience real flamenco sign up for one of the Flamenco tours

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