Combined ticket to Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell

If I buy Gaudi's Work and Life ticket from the official site of Sagrada Família, does it mean I can enter and see all of Parc Güell? The website says Entrance to Gaudí House Museum (in Parc Güell) is included. Is this a combined entry ticket?

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Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell Tickets

There is no combined ticket to visit Sagrada Familia and ALL of Parc Guell. The Gaudi's Work and Life ticket on the Sagrada Familia website only allows entry to Gaudi House Museum, a paid attraction in the free zone of Parc Guell. This is because Gaudi museum is managed by Sagrada Familia Foundation.

I do not recommend buying the Gaudi's Work and Life Ticket as it leaves out the best part of both monuments, the Sagrada Familia Towers and the Monument Zone of Parc Guell.

I recommend that you buy the 'Top Views' ticket from the Sagrada Familia website. This includes a combined visit to Sagrada Familia, the audio guide, and entry to one of the towers. You can buy tickets to Gaudi Museum in Parc Guell separately here.

To recap:

The Gaudi's Work and Life ticket only includes:
- Entry Ticket for La Sagrada Família
- Audioguide (Sagrada Família)
- Ticket for Gaudí House Museum (in a part of Parc Güell)

Gaudi's Work and Life ticket does NOT include:
- A visit to the towers of La Sagrada Familia
- The paid Monumental zone of Parc Guell
Only Gaudi Museum in Parc Guell is included.

Parc Güell, which is around 2.4 kms from Sagrada Familia, has three 'zones':
- Free zone [free access area which is open to all visitors at no charge]
- Paid monumental zone [main attraction housing all Gaudi wonders]
- Gaudi Museum [Former residence of Gaudi now a museum]

Trencadis bench of the monument zone is not included in the combined ticket
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Tips for visiting Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell on the same day

Focus only on important parts

If you are planning to visit Parc Guell and Sagrada Familia on the same day, it will be difficult to do justice to both attractions unless you focus on the main parts of each.

In Sagrada Familia

See the main basilica exterior and interior, and skip the towers. Make sure to rent the audio guide for Sagrada Familia.

In Parc Guell

See the paid Monumental Zone where the main Gaudi attractions - the ceramic covered reptile, staircase, Sala Hypostile, benches, roof terrace etc. - are located. Walk around the free part of the park. Go up the hillside for great views of Barcelona.

Skip Gaudi House Museum
Skip Gaudi House Museum, it is not worth the fees and very plain in comparison to the buildings he designed.

Do NOT visit Sagrada Familia or Park Guell on weekends

Do not combine Sagrada Familia and Park Guell visit on a weekend because both places get VERY crowded. Sagrada Familia gets many weekend visitors from across Europe especially on long weekends. And Park Guell is full of local families on weekend picnics.

If you must combine the two, choose a weekday instead. The best days are Monday to Thursday.

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