Where to shop in Seville for good and cheap souvenirs?

We want to buy some unique souvenirs from Seville, along with a few cheaper gifts? What would you recommend and where in Seville to buy them?

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What are the best souvenirs and gifts from Seville?

I am sure you already know that Seville is a melting pot of centuries' of Moorish, Jewish, and Christian influence. So the best souvenirs to buy here are those that represent this cultural uniqueness, instead of choosing a gift that you can easily get in other parts of Spain.

Sweets from Convents are the best gift from Seville

For centuries, nuns in the convents of Seville have been making delicious cookies from secret recipes handed down from generations. The convents sell these reasonably priced sweets through a torno where you put your money on a turntable, say your order, and receive your box of cookies. Buying convent cookies as a gift is a great experience for anyone visiting Seville. And this is how the nuns supplement their income.

The cookies are not an expensive gift; they start at 5 euros and rarely go beyond 20 euros for a large box of specialty items.There are many convents in Seville and each convent has a favorite sweet. But I would ask you to be practical and for sheer convenience, you should go to one of these better known convents:

Where to buy convent cookies as gifts
- Convento San Leandro in Plaza de San Ildefonso: San Leandro is known for its Yemas made from egg yolk, flour, and sugar.
- Convento Santa Inés on Dona María Coronel, 5: If you are planning to visit the Metropol Parasol, then that’s great because Santa Ines is right there very close by.

Authentic Triana Cartuja Ceramics souveniers

Most visitors to Seville are inspired by the original ceramic celosia tiles, which are seen all over the city buildings. You can actually buy these tiles as souvenirs to hang on your walls at home. There is also a wide range of cheap ceramic products to buy as gifts.

Traditional ceramics came from the Cartuja Monastery kilns. You can still visit the monastery and the museum in it, but they don’t produce ceramics anymore.

Triana has the best places for buying traditional ceramics as gifts from Seville. In my opinion, there are only 4 shops in all of the city where you can blindly walk in and be assured to get authentic articles as souvenirs or gifts, which are made in true Seville tradition.

Where to buy Triana ceramics?
The two better-known ceramic shops in Triana are Ceramica Ruiz, and Ceramica Santa Ana; both are located on Calle San Jorge (27 & 31).

Ceramica Santa Ana is the most popular shop for buying ceramic souvenirs

My preference is for the two lesser-known ceramic shops of Seville; they are El Altozano, and Rocío Triana. Both are on C/Antillano Campos (3 & 10). If you are interested to understand more about ceramics, Rocio Triana also runs painting and pottery classes. (Calle Antillano Campos 8; Phone: +34 644 11 44 60)

Flamenco dresses are a great souvenir, but choose carefully

When you are in Seville, you should buy an authentic Flamenco dress as a gift for yourself! The best quality dresses cost at least €200.

Where to buy the best flamenco dresses?
Go to Flamenco y Mas on Calle Perez Galdos 32, to browse genuine dresses; they are expensive souvenirs but very much worth it. This shop is just a 3 minutes walk from the Flamenco Museum, past Iglesia San Isidoro. They also have handcrafted dresses and Flamenco accessories like shoes, skirts, shawls, fans, and hairpieces.

You can also browse the stores on Calle Francos, Calle Cuna, Plaza del Pan, Calle Alvarez Quintero, and Calle Asunción for Flamenco related gifts and souvenirs in Seville.

Avoid Calle Sierpes for Flamenco souvenirs
Walking down Calle Sierpes you may be tempted by window displays of cheap and attractively priced Flamenco trajes (dresses) and accessories. Ignore them. Of course, there are also some very reputed establishments on Calle Sierpes, but I suggest that you head to the places I have recommended earlier.

Flamenco shawls are also a popular keepsake

Buy your Mantoncillo flamenco shawls from Raquel Terán on Calle Francos. Hand painted shawls are more expensive, costing 100 euros and up, but they go well with any thing you wear so you can use them a lot more than you think. My favourite flamenco accessory stores in Seville are Isabel Mediavilla on Calle Francos, and in fact El Corte Inglés in Nervión.

Orange Wine from Seville makes a great gift

There are orange trees all over Seville province so I am sure you will wonder where all the produce goes. Most of it goes to make marmalade and jams but some of the oranges go into making wine.

I would prefer to buy Orange wine as a gift over Sherry. Of course I agree that Sherry is also very traditional to Seville and Andalusia, but Orange wine is far more unique because it is not easily available overseas.

Where to buy orange wines?
Go to Lama La Uva located under Las Setas (Metropol Parasol) in the old city. This is a specialist wine shop with friendly staff that will help you pick the right orange wine. Tell them clearly if you want a gifting bottle or for yourself. Make sure to ask for a taste, they will be more than happy to let you try a variety for you to decide. Lama La Uva also has local cheese and other gourmet food items that you can take back as gifts from Seville.

Taberna Alvaro Peregil on Calle Mateos Gago also sells good Orange wine.

Orange blossom Perfume is a great gift from Seville

Did you know that the orange trees on the Seville street side provide their fruit for perfume? You can buy 15 euro bottles of locally made perfume (well, actually it is milder than perfume) as a gift. Droguería del Arenal on Calle Gracia de Vinuesa is the best place to buy this in Seville. The shop is just one block away from The Cathedral. This is one gift that all my friends appreciate for its uniqueness.

I do not suggest buying bullfighting souvenirs

Bullfighting is not really unique to Seville and unless you are a big fan of personalized posters, I would skip the souvenir shop at the bullfighting museum in Plaza de Toros. You can buy bullfighting souvenirs anywhere in Spain; if you are really keen Madrid would be my pick.

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Best souvenir shops in Seville

  1. Diza-Dizal-Zadi in Calle Sierpes famous for Seville hand fans, flamenco dance accessories and other souvenirs.
  2. Shoes made in Seville are famous for its quality and workmanship. You will find many shoe shops in Calle Cordoba, just behind Iglesia del Salvador. Pick an authentic Seville shoe, they make a great gift.
  3. El Postigo market in Arenal district is known for local handicraft items which make good and cheap gifts to take back home.
  4. Sombreros Maquedano is famous for traditional styled hat. Worth a visit as it is more of a hat museum than just a store. If a hat does capture your fancy, it will make a great gift.
  5. Taberna La Goleta (also called Alvaro Peregil) near Seville Cathedral for Orange wines. Also popular is the nearby Inés Rosales, where you can buy the famous tortas de aceite (olive oil tortas). Efforts of Inés Rosales in internationalizing its fare is a case study in Wharton.
  6. Seville is also famous for ceramics. To buy ceramics as souvenirs, go straight to Triana. You will find shops full of authentic ceramics. Cerámica Triana is one of the most famous shops. All pieces are unique and handmade. Ceramica Triana also makes ceramics and pottery to order. Other popular ceramic outlets are Ceramic Art Santa Ana across the Isabel bridge and
    Cerámica Ruiz Gil in Calle Antillano Campos.
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I recommend buying ceramics and pottery from Triana.  Calle Antillano Campos has many shops and Ruiz & Gil is a trustworthy place.
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The best shops for gifts in Seville are the smaller shops. You can find many such shops along Calle Sierpes and the area around it. You can buy various gifts like: hand painted fans, blankets and shawls, Flamenco dance accessories, Lladró porcelain (this can be expensive, and it is made in Valencia), Castanets, and Majorca pearls.

Diza-Dizal-Zadi (+34 954 22 85 9) mentioned earlier by someone is a nice shop.

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Ceramics Factory visit in Seville

You can visit the Centro Ceramica Triana in the old Ceramica Santa Ana factory. The old kilns are still preserved. This centre is close to the Castillo San Jorge.
Centro Ceramica Triana, Calle Antillano Campos 14. Tel 954 342 737

Flea markets in Seville

You can spot some authentic souvenir bargains at the Thursday morning flea market on Calle Feria in La Macarena areas which is very local-Seville, and not a lot of visitors go there. This is also a good way to see the Metropol Parasol structure nearby, which many visitors miss.

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Ceramics and pottery stores in Seville

Here is a list of the best ceramic stores in Seville. I would say go confidently to any of these places.

Buy Seville tiles and pottery at Ceramica Triana. Browse their website as it gives a nice indication of what you can get.

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As in most cities worldwide Seville has a wide array of souvenirs' shops where you can buy the typical objects (mugs, t-shirts and the like).

If you want something traditional and have children, kids' flamenco shoes are a good and unexpected souvenir, you can find them in Avenida de la Constitución in a shoe shop named "Catedral-Pibe" in a wide range of colors.

A useful and traditional souvenir is an "abanico" (fan), you can find them everywhere and from 5€ but there are some special handmade ones that make a really good gift at the stores Diza or Zadi in Tetuán and Sierpes, the two biggest shopping streets in Seville.

And of course, there's the ceramic from Triana.

More original souvenirs are 3d puzzles of the Giralda or a Carabela (the boats that Colon used when discovering America) in Cuevas (a store specialized in miniatures situated in Plaza San Francisco) and there are the totes, badges and pop paintings of Sevilian icons among other things by brand Tuki & Co; it’s sold in various places all around Seville from the Giralda and Alcazar, to more local shops such as “Un gato en bicicleta” or “La importadora”.

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