Barcelona Shopping Season

When is the shopping season (discount sales) in Barcelona?

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Barcelona revels in fashion and design, it is unlikely you will find bargain stores and cheap merchandise in Barcelona. You can get a good deal if you visit Barcelona for shopping during discount sale season. Deep discount sales are called “rebajas” or rebaixes (Catalan).

Winter end of season Sale in Barcelona

The Barcelona winter sales start after Reis (6 January) and, depending on the store, can go on well into February. The best discount season for Barcelona shopping is towards the end of January.

You can expect a discount of 20 - 30% in the shops along Portal de l’Angel including big brand name stores such as Mango and Zara.

Summer end of season Sale in Barcelona

The summer sales in Barcelona start in July, with stores trying to entice locals to shop before they go on a holiday. Though some shops, extend their sale to August, the best time to visit Barcelona for shopping is in the first week of July.

Some Barcelona stores, including the big brand names and boutiques offer discounts of up to 70%. You can visit any of the Barcelona shopping centres, and you can find almost everything on sale during early July.

Deep discount sale!
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