Which Seville tours worth it?

Can you recommend some cultural tours for first time visitors to Seville? I am confused by so many tours listed.

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Seville walking tours – must do!

You must go on a walking tour of Seville. Look out for posters and leaflets being handed out in busy areas. There are also free tours organized by the city authorities and there are also many companies that do this. All you need to do is to tip the guide at the end of the tour.

Feel the City Walking Tours has a good, free tour listed for Seville. It lasts 2.5 hours and covers the main attractions. The guides are knowledgeable and friendly; they speak good English and narrate interesting stories as you walk.

Pancho Tours has many tours and trips for Seville. Their Tapas tour and Jewish Quarter walking tour are highly rated.

Not Just A Tourist has a very nice rooftop tour that takes you on 3 rooftops for views, as you walk around the city. They also do private, bespoke tours for families and couples.

Devour Seville has walking tours for foodies! These tours last between 2 to 5 hours.

Skip the Bus tour in Seville

Do not take the bus tour in Seville. Seville is a small city with everything at walking distance. Even if you choose to live away from the historic centre or in Triana, everything is at a short walk. And the bus anyway cannot enter narrow streets where many attractions are located.

Go on a Tapas Tour

Instead of a bus tour go on a tapas tour in Seville. This website has everything you need to know about Tapas and to sign up for tours.

Do not do a day trip to Granada

Many people ask about doing a day trip to see the Alhambra. This is not a good idea with almost 7 hours of travel time required. I would strongly recommend spending the night in Granada to make sure you have enough time to tour the Alhambra (which needs at least 5 hours to visit). Besides, Granada is much more than the Alhambra.

Skip the HoHo bus tours in Seville
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There are several interesting tourist routes, such as "La Encantada Sevilla" where you will learn about the legends of the city. There is another very original route called "La Sevilla Paranormal" and is taken by a parapsychologist who will explain the most famous ghosts and enchanted places of the city.

La Encantada Sevilla

In La Encantada Sevilla (Enchanted Seville) you will learn about legends and historical events - not usually well known - that happened in the city. Many are tragic stories of love that took place in the Barrio de Santa Cruz, an emblematic place in the center of Seville. This tour is an overnight route (starts at 9:00 p.m.) and is on Fridays and Saturdays. They are about 15 stops.

La Sevilla Paranormal

The Sevilla Paranormal is very original and entertaining, although if you are very scared I do not recommend it. The guide is a famous Spanish parapsychologist, named José Manuel García Bautista. Usually he brings a recorder with psychophonies (voices of spirits) of the places where you are going. The stories are very interesting. It is also an overnight route.

The Devil’s Grill

If you like obscure legends or eerie stories, La Reja del Diablo (The Devil’s Grill) is a very unknown and strange place in Seville. This grill is located in an old house in Santa Cruz Quarter (in the center of the city).

The curious thing is that nobody knows how this grid was actually made, there is no union between the bars, nor welds. It’s very old and there is no information about the technique at all.

Locally it received that name because only the Devil could be its creator because of the difficulty of the technique used.” Many professionals travel there to study it, and end with no answers at all!

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At its heart, Seville is a religious city. There are 17 convents still functioning in Seville today. Most tourists visit one of these convents to buy convent cookies. You can venture beyond and have a look into the cloistered world.

Plan a tour of convents shortlisting those who allow visits by tourists.

  • Santa Rosalia Convent(Cardenal Spínola Street 8)
  • Santa Ines (Near Metropol Parasol)
  • Convento de Santa Paula (This is the most tourist friendly convent in all of Seville. They have official tours where cloistered nun take you through the convent. A visit is strongly recommended)

Contact Santa Paula convent for a conducted tour
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