Seville hop on hop off reviews

Is hop on hop off bus worth taking in a city like Seville?

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Seville hop on hop off reviews

Seville has a compact historic center but in reality, it is a spread out city along both the banks of the Guadalquivir River. So if you plan to be in Seville for a few days, you could consider starting off your visit with a hop on hop off city bus tour.

The city sightseeing bus tour of Seville covers all the major attractions and even the smaller ones that you may never end up visiting. And because of the traffic restrictions in some areas of Seville, there are 4 walking tours included as part of the hop on hop off package.

Two companies offer hop on hop off bus tours in Seville :

  • City Sightseeing Seville Bus Tour (Red Bus)
  • Sevirama Bus Tour (Green Bus)

More visitors prefer the Red Bus to the Green Bus in Seville.

Choose a walking tour instead of the HoHo bus in Seville

Skip the Seville sightseeing bus tour

Based on feedback from visitors to Seville who have taken the buses, I strongly recommend skipping the sightseeing bus tour. Firstly, it is easily possible and in fact it is far better to discover Seville on foot. The major attractions of Seville are not far from each other and there is so much to explore and see when you walk around the city. And secondly, it is a sad fact that Seville hop on hop off bus tours do not have good reviews at all. So I would take the HOHO bus tour of only if I had very limited time; and by that I mean less than a day to see all of Seville.

Instead, go for a combination of walking tours and Sevici bike hires for a typical stay of 3 days in Seville. At the most take the bus or metro if you really want to be driven around to some parts, which are relatively far from the centre of Seville. You do not need the HOHO bus, save the money.

Seville HOHO reviews are mainly negative

Irrelevant and poorly timed audio commentary

A huge number of HOHO riders say that the audio commentary focuses on the modern Seville instead of highlight interesting historical aspects of the attractions on the tour. There is also a glaring mismatch between the location of the bus and the commentary being played.

Stressed staff can sometimes be rude

The bus drivers tend to brake hard and take off at their own whim without much consideration for their passengers who might be in the middle of settling down or getting on the sightseeing bus. Another common complaint is that the buses are overloaded with tourists even having to stand, causing it too hot inside during the summer. There have also been instances of service staff and drivers getting into arguments with passengers.

Buses run late and sometimes miss stops

Many visitors have complained that the buses almost never arrive at the promised frequency of 30 minutes. And sometimes the buses skip important stops all together. In addition, the bus stops are not well marked along the route.

Coupons and discounts are difficult to redeem

Do not buy a sightseeing bus ticket expecting that it will pay itself back by using the privileges advertised with it. Customers rarely get to use the discounts and free entries to attractions because of the strict conditions and exceptions. Many coupons need to be used within 24 hours and that is impossible if you are on the bus for the day. Some attractions are free anyway, and others are closed when you would want to visit. Also note that the star attractions of Seville (Alcazar, Plaza de Toros) are excluded.

Walking tour is the most important positive review

Many customers like the 4 walking tours of Seville as part of the Seville Hop on Hop off tour ticket. Other positives talk about the basics being met; for example customers are pleased about the buses being comfortable, and the temperature being cool on a hot summer’s day.

I have personally spoken to many tourists to Seville and my conclusion is that there are very high negative experiences of the City Sightseeing and Sevirama tours of Seville.

Important Facts about Seville city sightseeing bus tour

  • 24 hour tickets cost 20 euros for adults, 10 euros for children (5-12), and children under 5 travel for free. Sevirama Green Bus tour is slightly cheaper than the Red Bus.
  • You can buy a 48 hour ticket which costs about 50% more and comes with additional free entry and disco.unts
  • Seville Bus Tours last 75 minutes end to end, the first bus starts at 10am and the last tour is at 9pm.
  • The tour starts at Torre del Oro and ends at Plaza de Armas, both are major landmarks along the riverbank. But you can board and start your tour at any convenient point along the route.
  • Frequency of buses is 30 minutes
  • There are 14 Bus Stops and 4 guided walking tours (of 1 hour each) as part of the Seville tour.
    o Plaza Espana and Maria Luisa Park Tour
    o Santa Cruz Tour
    o Triana Tour
    o Seville Fine Arts Museum Tour
  • The buses have facilities catering to visitors with mobility issues.

My Take on Seville Sightseeing bus

For all the reasons above I suggest that you should skip the HoHo bus tours of Seville and walk around the attractions instead. In any case, the best parts of Seville are accessible only on foot.

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No! Skip the hop on hop off tours in Seville. Seville is a compact city best explored on foot and not from the rooftop of a city tour bus. In any case, historic center of Seville is full of narrow lanes inaccessible by bus.

Following are better alternatives than hop on hop off tour:

Cycle around Seville

A map and a rented cycle is all you need to get an overview of Seville. Seville has dedicated cycle lanes that crisscross the city and suburbs. Sevilla has a tourist friendly cycle plan called ´Sevici´. With Sevici card, you pay 11 Euros to hop on and off from any of the 250 cycle stations spread across the city.

Or take a Horse Carriage

If you are a romantic at heart, you can go on a horse-drawn carriage tour. You will find horse carriages next to the Cathedral. The €50 horse carriage ride covers important sections of Seville including Plaza de Espana and Maria Luisa Park.

Walking tours of Seville

The most interesting part of the Hop on Hop off tour is the walking tour of the pedestrian areas that the bus cannot reach. This is the historic centre and parts of Triana.
So instead of taking the hop on hop off, just focus on the best part and take a separate walking tour.

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I agree the bus tour of a small intimate walkable city like Seville is NOT a good idea. But here is the information since you are looking:

Main points about HOHO bus in Seville

  • There are 2 companies running tours: CitySightseeing (Red) and Sevirama (Green)
  • Both have tickets valid for 48 hours
  • With a ticket you no longer need to buy a Seville transport card
  • Prices are 18 Eu (adults) and 7-8 Eu (children 5+)
  • Tours include walking tours in areas where the bus cannot go
  • Tours run from 10am to 10pm

- Sevirama runs 2 routes: Monumental and Romantic
- CitySightseeing tour lasts 60 minutes while Sevirama is 90 minutes.

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