Where is the best Seville Flamenco?

For real local Seville Flamenco performances, which are the not-touristy places to go?

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It is easy to find a great performance venue because Seville is the birthplace of Flamenco and so most places have high quality shows. But did you know that while the basic ingredients of a great Flamenco performance are just the guitar, singing, clapping, and dancing, there are over 50 palos or styles of Flamenco that are still performed today in some of the more popular flamenco venues in Seville?

In my extensive knowledge of Seville, there are only 3 places for the real flamenco experience. They do the best job of combining authentic performances, education, and enjoyment for the visitor. And lastly, the best Flamenco performances in Seville are about the art from and not the food. So try and avoid places offering dinner plus show options.

Review of 3 best Popular Flamenco shows in Seville

1. Casa de la Guitarra – Flamenco in a guitar museum

You cannot go wrong watching a flamenco performance at a guitar museum that traces the origin of the Spanish guitar over centuries, and its deep connection with the evolution of Flamenco in Seville. Each Flamenco segment has an introduction so you recognize what the piece is about; this makes the show so much more interesting for the entire family, including children.

Be sure to buy your tickets well in advance. Even a day earlier is ok but seating at this small and cozy venue is assigned by time of booking. So the earlier you book the better seats you will get. Here the focus is on Flamenco alone (led by the guitar); so do not expect any drinks or food to be served at the venue.

Casa de la Guitarra is an easy walk from the Cathedral of Seville. I suggest that the best way to plan your evening is to book an early show followed by tapas at the adjacent Calle Mateas Gago.

2. Museo del Baile Flamenco – One of a kind show in a Flamenco Museum

If you are the type who likes to understand the history and origins of what you are about to experience, then head to Flamenco museum of Seville for the perfect evening. Watch a gritty and authentic Flamenco performance, easily one of the best in Seville. The venue is small and the seating plan is excellent; so it does not matter even if you are a few rows deep.

But before the start, plan for enough time to see the interactive and very interesting Flamenco museum. It has 9 rooms covering the origin, meaning, accessories, costumes, evolution etc.; in fact it covers every aspect of Flamenco. After the performance, go to the gift shop where you can buy excellent souvenirs. You can buy tickets for the museum and show together, or for each alone. I strongly recommend doing both!

10 minutes walk from the Cathedral is all it takes to get to the Flamenco museum. And while the show itself lasts under an hour, I suggest that you plan to spend 3 hours here to do justice to the museum and souvenir shop as well.

3. Casa de la Memoria – Focus on Flamenco in an intimate venue

Here is another of my favourites and it is a small venue where there is not a single bad seat in the room! The performances are real and acoustic-only. The one hour show needs to be booked in advance, and make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes early if you really want the front row seats despite the great seating arrangement.

The flamenco focus at Casa de la Memoria is pure. There is no food or alcohol served, and children under 6 are not allowed. The venue is small and cozy, the chairs are of hard wood and it can get hot at times. But you will not notice much of this at all once the performance begins.

The venue is connected to a nice restaurant LaTaberna Flamenca, and is located very close to Metropol Parasol.

Other Popular Flamenco shows in Seville

Casa del Flamenco – Small and convenient

The venue is located in the courtyard of a 15th century palace just minutes away from the Alcazar, in the Jewish Quarter. I always recommend this place for its convenience.

There are only 3 rows and each row is at a different height so you will have a great view from anywhere. You will be seated close to the stage and the acoustics are so good that there are no microphones anywhere. You can enjoy the performance without any disturbances for food or drinks being served.

Los Gallos – Many Flamenco acts in a convenient location

Los Gallos is a nice show with just drinks being served, and no dinner options. This is located close to the Alcazar walls but it can be difficult to find. So give yourself some time to arrive.

Typical flamenco shows at Los Gallos involve 10 artists and the performances are a combination of solos, with a group finale as the climax. Brace yourself for the pricing though because Los Gallos is expensive compared to other places in Seville.

Tablao El Arenal – Mass appeal

The performances at Tablao El Arenal are genuine and consistently good, though some find the drinks and tapas option a bit overpriced. My recommendation is to choose the basic show plus drink option for the right value. You can always get a bite or two to eat after the show; there are some excellent bars and restaurants nearby.

El Arenal is a small Flamenco venue located close to the bullring, but it is not very easy to find. So give yourself some time and have a map handy, just in case you get lost. I am pleasantly surprised at the way the seating is done here; wherever you are seated, you feel like you are in the thick of the performance.

El Palacio Andaluz – a favourite with large groups

This is my personal opinion but of all the places on my list of the best Flamenco shows in Seville, Palacio Andaluz is the most touristy. A large part of the crowd come on package bus tours and for some reason food seems to be a major part of the activity in the venue. The main draw is the drinks + dinner + flamenco show option.

The flamenco performance itself is nice; it is a 90 minutes long performance that is divided into various acts connected by a storyline. The highlight is a 10 minute long flamenco interpretation of Bizet’s ‘Carmen.

The food is ok, nothing great in my view but not as bad a many other Flamenco venues in Seville. You can choose your seating for a premium; the balcony seating is very good.

Palacio Andaluz is great for large groups
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Peñas - Flamenco clubs

There are also many flamenco clubs (Peña) in Seville and some organize activities. I recommend visiting this page that has a registry.

"Torres Macarena" is the most well known Peña. Performances are held on Wednesday nights.(Call +34 954 37 23 84 for exact schedule). Entry is often free or at a nominal charge. It offers bar service, tapas or food. But don't expect fancy settings and many services here. It’s all about Flamenco.

Triana has a lot of Flamenco history. In Triana, Flamenquería is the recommended place to watch a show. It has two zones, one for the rehearsal of the artists and another for the show. It is the traditional flamenco of Seville performed here. El Mantoncillo is also a good place for flamenco in Triana.

If you prefer a commercial performance (still authentic) like most visitors, I recommend the "Tablao El Palacio Andaluz".

Palacio Andaluz - One of the more authentic tablao of Seville
You can experience authentic flamenco with the best dancers and singers. There are different types of tickets, you can choose to dine and have a drink while watching the show.

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Where to see flamenco in Seville

Experience flamenco in the land of its genesis, Andalusia

1. Casa de la Memoria

Casa de la Memoria is in the historical centre, right next to the palace of the Countess of Lebrija. The tablao is housed in what used to be the stables of the palace.
Performances are held in a no-frills, small venue adding intimacy to the place, but the lack of airconditioning can get uncomfortable during peak summer. To get the best seats, arrive 20 minutes before the show as seating is on first come first serve basis.
Calle Cuna, 6, 41004, Seville. Contact : +34 954 56 06 70

2. Flamenco Museum

The Flamenco Museum in Seville was founded by Cristina Hoyos, a well-known flamenco dancer hailing from Seville. The museum introduces you to the history and evolution of flamenco in an interesting way with exhibits and film shows.
While you can visit the museum in the day, performances are held in the evenings.
Performances are held in museum’s patio and in the vault. The show in the vault (downstairs cellar) is billed as an ‘intimate show’ as there are only two rows of seats accommodating not more than 20 people.

3. Los Gallos

Los Gallos is one of the oldest tablaos housed in a renovated historic home in the Plaza de Santa Cruz. The venue has a rustic ambience that provides an ideal backdrop for flamenco performances. All the seats are close to performers adding to the atmosphere and charm. You get a drink included in the price of the ticket.

4. Casa de la Guitarra

Casa de la Guitarra is a flamenco tablao that also doubles as a guitar museum. It is housed in a XVIII century building in the heart of the Barrio de Santa Cruz (old Judería), a few steps from the Cathedral.
The limited and close seating arrangement near the stage gets you to appreciate the performance very well. There is a solo guitar performance after the show which is mesmerizing.

5. La Casa del Flamenco Auditorio Alcantara

In my opinion, La Casa del Flamenco has the most talented flamenco performers. The show is held in an old mansion close to the Cathedral in a small and intimate venue. During the one hour show, they perform three flamenco dances from different regions of Spain.

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There are more than a dozen tablaos (venue where flamenco performance is staged) in Seville. Most tablaos offer a “watch performance and have your dinner” package. However do not eat at any flamenco place. My experience is that the food served is mediocre at best.
I always recommend tablaos that do not serve dinner but focus only on the show. That way, you have a less distracting experience and more importantly get to sit at the best seats. Tablaos offering dinner packages reserve the best seats for patrons who have bought their dinner package.

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Best Free Seville Flamenco - No tickets or bookings

Pick a place that is convenient for you, from the list below. Just order a drink and you can watch a flamenco show, for free.

Near Seville Cathedral (Historic Centre)

El Tamboril
This is a not very advertised, hidden place, in Santa Cruz. The flamenco here is basic, a guitar and singers only. Go closer to midnight for the bnest atmosphere and local participation. (Address: Plaza Santa Cruz, 12)

Taberna Flamenca
Between the historic centre and Triana, this Taberna Flamenca is close to the Plaza de Toros bullring. (Address: c/Adriano, Arenal)
La Carboneria
A highly popular place, this place in a former coalyard does 30 minute shows until late. After that, locals and performers begin impromptu performances. (Address: Calle Levíes, 18)

Away from Seville Cathedral (Historic Centre)

A place full of atmosphere, Quitapesares is where the flamenco (singing) history of the owner’s family can be experienced. There are his pictures on the walls and his songs are playing while you have its famous orange wine and watch locals perform. It is also famous for its orange wine. (Address: Plaza Padre Jerónimo de Córdoba, 3)

El Perro Andaluz
A small bar with occasional flamenco shows. Try your luck. (Address: c/Bustos Tavera near Santa Catalina)

Asociacion Antigua de Sevilla
More of a pena, in Arenal, you may need to pay a token amount for a performance. But the shows by amateurs are great. Sometimes they also have small flamenco workshops. (Address: c/Castellar, 50)

Triana district (near the riverside)

La Taberna
This is a basic bar with basic but honest flamenco. (Address: c/Duarte, 3)

Tertulia Flamenca
Also a little away from the buzz of Triana, behind Hotel Ribera de Triana, Tertulia Flamenca is known for its Friday performances. (Address: c/Castilla)

Lo Nuestro
Another bar on Calle Betis, this provides an option of T is too crowded. (Address: c/Betis, 31)

In a less popular section of the riverside, Simpecao is on the other side of the bridge, further down from the Inquisition museum. (Address: Paseo de la O)

T de Triana
T is one of the few tapas bars in Calle Betis. It is a small place so the performances feel even more powerful. (Address: c/Betis, 20)

Casa Anselma
A very popular place, it needs to be mentioned. But go only if you are very risk averse and want to be in the comfort of a lot of tourists. (Address: c/Pagés del Corro, 49)

Triana district (deep inside)

La Madrugá
Now we start to go a little into local territory. This is less than 10 minutes walk from the bridge, close to the Plaza de Cuba. (Address: c/Salado)

Lola de los Reyes
If you are really interested to run away from the crowd, here you are! (Address: Avda Blas Infante)

Seville Flamenco Tip

The further away the place from Seville tourist attractions, the more local it tends to be. It is worth it. You can walk, and it is always safe.

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Small and intimate shows for Seville Flamenco

The flamenco performers in Seville perform in a variety of settings. So you will often find performers from 'expensive' places performing shorter shows at places that are more basic.

Auditorio Alvarez Quintero
This place has performances every night. The setting is an old home that dates to the 1700s. There is also an art gallery at the premises. You play only for the show and there is no food or drink available. And it is very conveniently located right next to the Cathedral. (Calle Alvarez Quintero, 48)

Casa de la Memoria
A small group of flamenco performers charges a reasonable (under 20 euros) price for an hour-long show, with a small audience where everyone can feel the intensity. If you have time to walk 10 minutes from the Cathedral, you should consider this place. (Calle Cuna, 6)

Museo del Baile Flamenco
This Cristina Hoyos founded museum is also about a 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral but this place is so much more than a show to experience. You can learn the history of flamenco and also participate in workshops.(Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos, 3 )

Larger tablaos are authentic, no doubt about that. But some visitors find them crowded and predictable. And for those who do not want the unplanned nature of a pena, the small flamenco shows above are a sweet spot.

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Flamenco Penas worth visiting in Seville

Be a little adventurous; step just 20 minutes outside the touristy Seville to explore these penas. Even if you don't get to watch a show for some reason, the cultural experience of interacting with local aficionados can be worth much more.

Peña Flamenca Torres Macarena
c/Torrijiano, 29
(Tel: 954 372 384)

Peña Flamenca Cerro del Águila
c/Tomás Pérez, 61
(Tel: 954 631 077)

Peña Flamenca El Despertá
c/Santa Catalina, 1
(Tel: 670 227 115)

Peña Flamenca Pepe Marchena
Amor, Bl. 34
(Tel: 954 510 347)

Peña Flamenca Manuel Mairena
Guillén de Castro, 26
(Tel: 696 883 299)

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Flamenco festivals

Bienal de Flamenco - Seville
In September/October every 2 years (next one in 2018), Seville hosts a month long flamenco festival that attracts performers from all over the country. The flamenco performances are simple and true to the origin. Mostly just singing and a guitar!

Near Seville
Ronda has a festival of Flamenco in August.
Dos Hermanas hosts a festival in June.
Festival de Jerez , in April.

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