What to drink in Seville

Any traditional drink to try in Seville? What to drink with tapas in Seville?

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Sherry is a lightly fortified wine produced in Andalucian region of Spain. In fact Sherry is the corrupted name in English for a town in Andalucia, Jerez de la Frontera, which is where the vines are grown. The most popular local styles of sherry are Fino and Manzanilla. Fino is a dry, pale white wine while Manzanilla is basically the same as Fino sherry but with a distinct flavour as it produced and matured only around the coastal town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Seville sources the best Sherry from around Andalusia
You should try Sherry in the iconic El Rinconcillo. This bar has some history as it has been in business since 1670!

Tinto con blanca

Seville’s own drink, Tinto con blanca, is made with red wine and lemon flavoured drink (ideally Cuban Gaseosa). It’s light and refreshing, and with a low alcohol


The most popular beer in Spain, Cruzcampo, calls Seville its home. Cruzcampo is not a complex, tasteful beer, however it's refreshing and real cheap

El Garlochi

You must go to Bar El Garlochi for its over the top, quirky and very tongue in cheek interiors decorated in the style of the Semana Santa processions. Ask for their signature drink, the Blood of Christ, which is deep red and served in a chalice.

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The typical drinks in Seville are "Tinto de verano" (red wine and gaseosa), Sherry Wine, "Rebujito" (7Up and "Manzanilla", although this one is only drunk in Feria de Abril usually) and beer, with Cruzcampo being the local brand.

If you want to drink beer some really interesting places are "La Bodeguita" in Plaza del Salvador and "La Cata" near La Alfalfa

If you want a fancier type of drink, you can go to places like "Santos Copas" on the rooftop of the Eme Hotel, right next to the Giralda or "The Second Room" in Placentines, and, of course, now that there's a Hard Rock Café in Seville it's also a really good place to have a drink.

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Traditional Spanish drinks (non alcoholic)
Well, for starters you could order cerveza sin alcohol (non-alcoholic beer). Or order Mosto ‘grape juice’, a light alternative to wine.

Seville also has an abundance of juice options wherever you go so you should be fine.

Best bars in Seville
The areas of La Alameda, c/Betis, Plaza Alfalfa, Plaza del Salvador…all have many bars. These areas are mostly local and more lively.

You will also find quieter and more expensive bars around the historic centre: on Calle Alemanes, Alvarez Quintero & Mateo Gagos.

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