When is best to visit Seville?

When is it the best time of the year to visit Seville? Are there any times to avoid? Are there any events and festivals to consider so we plan our Seville trip better?

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May and June, and October / November are the best times to visit Seville. If you are on a budget and have the flexibility to decide, go in December or January.

Expensive High Season in Seville

March and April are packed with visitors arriving in Seville for Semana Santa (Holy Week) and Seville April Fair (Feria). It is the best time to see Andalusian culture on display. But everything, especially accommodation, becomes expensive. If you plan to visit during this time, book your rooms well in advance.

Shoulder Season in Seville

September to December is considered as the shoulder season in Seville. Crowds are sparse, weather is hospitable and room tariffs are low.

Best time for Seville sightseeing

September and October are the best months to be in Seville for sightseeing if it is not the festivals that you are after. The weather just after a hot summer, is extremely pleasant.

Best time for Seville culture

For culture, plan your Seville visit during the two big festivals, Semana Santa and the Feria de Abril. Be prepared for fantastic atmosphere during Semana Santa. The passion, colour and overwhelming spectacle is something to witness if you have never seen this before.

Semana Santa

Semana Santa - Crowded but colorful
Seville is very crowded during Semana Santa. Traffic delays are common due to processions. Opening hours at attractions change during the festive period. For instance, the Cathedral closes at 1pm when the processions start arriving.

There are no Tapas tours during Holy Week. It is difficult to get people around the crowded streets during the evening.

Feria de Abril

The April Fair is Seville’s biggest annual party; it takes place two weeks after Easter. The fair is held at Recinto Ferial. This is close to the Guadalquivir River but away from the city center.

Best time to save money

Winter (December and January) is best for saving money on your Seville visit. Temperatures in Seville winters are milder than elsewhere in Europe. The afternoons are warm, though the nights get chilly. You can easily get by by wearing a sweater, and a light jacket or coat. Tourist crowds in Seville are minimal and the Seville room tariffs are lowest during these months.

When to avoid visiting Seville

Avoid Seville during July and August if you can, it is brutally hot in the Seville summer. July temperatures are over 38 degrees between 3pm-8pm. If you go, plan your sightseeing for the mornings. Spend your afternoons indoors at museums and cafes, or sleep through them. Step out for dinner after 8pm. Make sure your accommodation has air-conditioning and a rooftop pool.

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The best time to visit Seville is in the spring months March and April. The temperature is very pleasant, it is neither cold nor hot. April also has the April Feria fair, a time of celebrations and a highly recommended time to visit.

Avoid visiting Seville in August. Seville gets very hot, and it is almost impossible to walk on the street in August.

Avoid visiting Seville during the days of Semana Santa (Holy Week) and Easter. Seville shows a very limited accessibility because of the crowds, and almost all the establishments of the Seville center are closed.

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I recommend visiting Seville during the Feria de Abril. The Feria de Sevilla is very beautiful. You can try authentic Sevillian gastronomy and listen to traditional cantes (songs) and dances. It is a great opportunity to visit Seville. In addition the children will be able to enjoy a small amusement park, locally called "Cacharritos".

During Semana Santa and Easter almost all Seville is “stop" since the processions pass through the entire city. Many establishments and monuments are closed, especially those of the center of the city.

So it is more practical to enjoy the April fair, and if you get tired of it, visit other places which are all still open.

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