Where to buy leather goods in Barcelona?

My friends returned from Barcelona with leather bags last summer. Where is the best place in Barcelona to buy leather bags and other leather goods?

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Curtidos García

A beautiful shop of leather goods with a wide catalog, with all kinds of accessories and even collars for pets. (Website)
It is located on Calle Hospital 49, off La Rambla

Outlet Leather Factory

If you are looking for jackets and other leather clothing at a good price, you should visit this store. The designs are modern and youthful, in very striking colors. Many times they have good discounts.
It is located in the neighborhood of Poble Nou, Àvila street. (Website)

Nadal & Co

They have many gift options, from wallets to briefcases, document holders, and satchels ... all this with unique and modern designs. They also customize their products, to your specifications.
It is located on Calle Pujades in El Poblenou.

Leather is a popular buy from Spain
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Leather stores in Barcelona

  1. Iriarte Iriarte Handcrafted Leather Bags

    This shop, run by Argentinian Iriarte sisters, has a great collection of handmade leather bags and other leather accessories. The quality of their leather handbags is impeccable.
    C/ Cotoners, 12, 08003, Barcelona

    +34 933 19 81 75    Website

  2. Brussosa leather shop, Barcelona

    Brussosa stocks Italian labels, such as Numero 10, Vive la Difference, Majo and Campomaggi. They also have their own collection of leather bags.
    Carrer de Provença, 292, 08008, Barcelona


  3. Loewe's leather store, Barcelona

    The Loewe shops have lovely leather products, including handbags, gloves and jackets. The price as well as the quality of the goods is on the higher side.
    Passeig de Gràcia, 35, 08008, Barcelona

    +44 (0) 2 074 991 284    Website

  4. Outlet Leather Factory in Barcelona

    They have a large selection of jackets at attractive prices - a fraction of the price you will pay at any of the above designer stores selling leather goods in Barcelona. It's located in the suburbs but the affordable prices for leather makes it worthwhile to travel to the store.
    Carrer d'Àvila, 105, 08018, Barcelona

    +34 934 85 56 90    Website

  5. Beatriz Furest fashion leather bags

    With a beautiful selection of leather bags and other leather accessories – all designed in Barcelona - some of their products sport an affordable price tag.
    Four stores in Barcelona that sell leather goods.
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The best and most famous leather goods in Spain are from southern Spain in Cordoba, and not in Barcelona. If you are also visiting Andalucia or anywhere in southern Spain, it is better to buy leather goods over there than at Barcelona.

If you will only visit Barcelona, where you shop for leather goods in Barcelona will depend on your budget. Just as in any city, you can buy a leather bag in Barcelona for ten Euros as well as for hundreds of Euros.

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