Shopping hours in Barcelona

What are the operating hours of shopping centres and malls in Barcelona?
Are there any shops or restaurants open on Sundays?

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Shop opening times in Barcelona

  • Weekday : Shopping Hours : 9AM – 9 PM
  • Saturdays : Shopping Hours : 9AM – 1 PM (large stores - open all day)
  • Sundays : Shops are closed

Opening hours of Barcelona stores vary according to the size of the store. Most shops in Barcelona open at either 9 or 10am. The smaller shops close for lunch while larger department stores of Barcelona stay open all day until 10 in the evening.

All Barcelona shops down their shutters on Sundays

All commercial establishments and retail stores in Barcelona, including the big departmental stores like El Corte Inglès, are closed on Sundays. The only two shopping options in Barcelona on Sunday :

  • The Maremagnum shopping center at the Barcelona port
  • The outlet La Roca Village, located about 60 kilometres from Barcelona

Maremagnum! - open on Sundays

Restaurants and food stores in Barcelona are open on Sundays.

Sunday is typically the most peaceful day for Catalans, and a fine occasion for gathering with family or friends over a big meal. Sunday Lunch is the main event, and many restaurants prepare Sunday-only specials.

Important : Food markets like La Bouqeria and Santa Caterina are closed on Sundays.

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