Things to do in Barcelona with teenagers

How can I keep irritable and bored teenagers busy in Barcelona? They have agreed to come with us on a family trip on the condition that they will have enough to do in Barcelona.

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Teenagers will not be bored in Barcelona. Try these ways to keep them engaged.

A football game and stadium tour at Camp Nou, mecca of football. Most teenagers (boys) will give their right arm for a Camp Nou tour.

Other interesting things to do with teenagers

  1. Climb the towers at La Sagrada Familia – actually it is an elevator that goes up and you need to climb your way down. In any case the views from the top are great for teenagers to boast about. And the climb down is a physical challenge that will keep teens on their toes during the Barcelona visit.

  2. Go to Parc Guell with teenagers for the views, Gaudi’s crazy design and for people-watching. Teenagers love Gaudi’s architecture for its rebel-like approach. Barcelona has many modernist buildings that will interest teenagers with their sheer design.

  3. Wander along La Rambla in the evenings – The street art and performers capture the attention of all ages, including teens.

  4. Swim along with the sharks at city aquarium of Barcelona. This needs pre booking and your teenager must have basic experience in scuba diving.

  5. Head to the beach for water sports – Barceloneta beach is a good bet any time of the day and if your teenagers are old enough (18) they can also hang out at some of the best clubs in the city.

  6. Living like the ancient Romans at the City History Museum (MUHBA). A visit is recommended for teenagers interested in history.

  7. A daytrip to Portaventura for thrilling rides will keep teenagers excited.

  8. Watch the Sardana, a traditional Catalan folk dance, on Saturday at 6PM in front of La Catedral.

  9. A walking tour of Old quarter with guides who themselves were teenagers till a few years ago.

  10. Visit the Picasso museum to admire creations of teenaged Picasso.

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Congratulations! Your teenagers have agreed to go on a family trip to Barcelona and that is a cause enough for celebration in my family.

The best idea I can give you (assuming your teens are older teens) is to let the teens walk independently ahead of the rest of the group at all times. This will give them a feeling of adventure and the adults can keep an eye on them anyway.

Give them their allotted spending money, and a way to find you (phone) if you lose them in the crowd.

I have tried this and it makes the older kids feel like they went out on a vacation by themselves.

And think of Barcelona like New York, the interesting things are in a compact zone geographically speaking. For example La Ramblas, Pl. Catalunya, Passeig de Gracia, all the way to Sagrada Family is all walkable.

Enjoy being the best parents in the world when the kids hear of this idea!

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Filmoteca de Catalunya

It's a good choice if your kids like the movies. There is a large catalog with more than 7,000 movie titles. There are interesting collectibles like a "praxinoscope" or "magic lanterns". They also offer films on loan.
It is located in the Raval and I recommend visiting its website to consult the program:

The best ice cream parlors

  • Bodevici. Ecological ice cream. I recommend the Catalan cream. In
  • Belgious. More than 30 flavors with the best quality ingredients.
    They even have Cannabis ice cream! In the Rambla de Poblenou.
  • Llagurt. If you prefer a frozen yogurt, here are the best in
    Barcelona. They are made from ecological cow's milk, and have
    exquisite flavors with original toppings. In Gràcia.

Experience Roex

Skating classes are held here, from beginners to advanced. From Monday to Thursday there are several levels, and Saturdays are all levels.
This "academy" is located in Salvador Espriu street.

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