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Buy Tot Montserrat or Trans Montserrat Pass? - Top answers | Barcelona Forum

Buy Tot Montserrat or Trans Montserrat Pass?

What is the difference between TOT Montserrat and Trans Montserrat passes? Which one is the best pass for going to Montserrat from Barcelona?

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Trans Montserrat is surely a better pass than TOT Montserrat

I personally prefer Trans Montserrat pass over the TOT Montserrat. Both are very good with almost equal benefits on all counts; but for me Trans Montserrat wins for 3 reasons that I describe below.

1. Trans Montserrat is much cheaper

You will save almost 18 € when you buy the Trans Montserrat pass. It costs 31.80 € compared to the Tot Montserrat pass which costs 49.95 €. What you give up is some benefits which I also tell you about next.

2. Trans Montserrat is more flexible

The Trans Montserrat pass does not include Museum entry and the self service Catalan lunch. These are the 2 benefits of TOT Montserrat pass that you will give up.

But you save 18 €. With that money you can decide for yourself if you want to buy a separate Montserrat museum entry (for 7€). And you can also decide what to eat and how much to spend, instead of the designated lunch.

I have seen that most visitors will end up spending much less than the saved 18€ this way.

3. Every other benefit is common to both passes

TOT and Trans Montserrat both have the same exact benefits for transportation; both also include entry to the audiovisual exhibit.

These passes make it convenient to visit Montserrat, one of the most popular excursions from Barcelona.

How to buy your pass

The best way to buy TOT or Trans Montserrat pass is online.

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My suggestion : Buy Trans Montserrat Pass rather than Tot Montserrat pass. The lunch that is included in Tot Montserrat can be given a miss!

Ticket Price

  • Tot Montserrat : 46.95 €
  • Trans Montserrat :29.50 €


Both options include following

  • Return metro ticket from/to Plaça Espanya.
  • Return train ticket from Barcelona-Plaça Espanya to Monistrol de
  • Return ticket on the Cremallera or Aeri to Montserrat.
  • Unlimited use of the Sant Joan and Santa Cova funiculars.

Exhibitions and Museums

  • Both options include entry to audiovisual exhibit "Montserrat behind
    closed doors"
  • Tot Montserrat pass includes admission to Museu de Montserrat


Tot Montserrat Pass includes meal in the self-service restaurant at Montserrat.

Where to buy Tot Montserrat or Trans Montserrat Pass?

  • Online: If you buy online, please note that you have to still pick your tickets at Tourist information point in Plaça Catalunya or at FGC (Catalan Rail) station in plaça Espanya.
  • Placa d'Espanya station : You can buy tickets from the booth or the machine at FGC Placa d'Espanya station.[Recommended]

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