Bike holiday in Girona

I have heard hell a lot about biking holidays in Girona. If I were to stay in Girona for three to four days, can I go on a biking holiday. I do not care whether it is guided or not

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Girona is a paradise for cyclists, and many pro teams train here. But there's also a lot of good routes for beginners as well! One of the best places for cycling are definitely the mountains and coastline. Roads here are well-maintained, and the climate is excellent.

Bike Tour Operators

One option is to take an organized tour, complete with a support vehicle in case you or any other cyclists are in need of help. There are several tour operators that offer guided bike holidays. Here are a few of the best ones:


Bikecat specialize in custom cycling tours, whether it's a day trip or a week-long escape. The tours include accommodation and breakfast. You get a high-end racing bike as well as complete lunch packs and snacks.


BikeBreaks is another great place to book your cycling vacation. Like Bikecat, they plan individual trips for you and provide you with bikes, food, and everything else you need. They are known for their guided day tour of Girona

445 Cycling Tours

This company is active all over Southern Europe, but they also offer tours in Girona. The tours have small group sizes (up to 6) and climbs can be very challenging. The organization is professional and the equipment superb.

Burricleta in Girona

Burricleta rents electric bicycles and offers guided tours. Rent a bike and take a 10km tour around the old town of Girona!

Renting a bicycle

You can venture out on your own, and there are many places to rent bikes for hours, days, or weeks. The operators listed above offer bike rental service.

Simply ride until you feel tired and check in in one of the many bike-friendly hotels in Girona or on the countryside.

Girona has routes for every kind of rider
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Girona Cycling, even for beginners

Girona is typically known as a professional cyclists' destination for training. But even for beginners there are nice easy and flat routes near the coast.

The more scenic routes are around Girona (but they are tough and hilly), and the coast. Figures can get boring, if you are looking for pretty landscapes.

Bike Hire Prices in Girona

You can rent cycles in Girona, including electric bikes, starting at 30 Eu a day and going up to 60 Eu or more depending on the model.

I am not a cycling enthusiast but I have experienced cycling around Girona and it is a wonderful experience on a nice day with the family.

Be sure to tell the hire company what you would like to do and they will suggest the bikes and routes.

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