What and where to eat in Girona

I am one who believes that there is no better way to explore a culture than to eat! I am at Girona for couple of days. What are dishes to try and where do I try them?

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Girona Local Dishes

La butifarra dulce (sweet sausage) is a typical dish of Girona, although the first impression can be something curious and disconcerting, you have to give it a second chance to understand why it drives the locals crazy.

The "xuixo" is one of the sweetest par excellence of this city, a roll of sugar-filled cream-filled pasta and authentic of the city.

The arròs de Pals is also one of the best known rice dishes in Girona and can serve as a garnish in many dishes.

The "fesol" is a legume cultivated in the area, very typical and well-known by all the Girona people who usually serve alone or as a garnish of butifarra.

Pà amb tomàquet : A tapa composed of toasted bread with garlic, tomato and olive oil on the top. You can not leave Cataluña without having tried it with a Caña (name for the regular tap beer)

Beef from Girona : The meat from Girona is known in all Spain. A truly tender piece of meat, just melting in my mouth… Enjoy it !

Places to eat in Girona

Do Taverna Catalana (Plaça de l’Independencia)

The beef from Girona there is just the best to try! They have a “menu del día” to enjoy, like real Spanish people, the price is affordable … nice and casual place where you can not be disappointed !

Pastisseria Tornés SL

For a pastry and a nice coffee, I can recommend Pastisseria Tornés SL (Carrer del migdia), to enjoy a local experience, slightly out of the touristic city center!


With a wonderful location in one of the oldest part of the city, this recommendation is for a Spanish and Catalan elaborated kitchen. From tapas options to a full dish, they really prepare their carte with the best products. This one could be a real discovery and you will be surprised to comprehend the variety and the high quality of the Catalan kitchen!

Koenig (Tapas fast food)

For your information, there exists in Girona a local fast food chain called “Koenig” for a casual lunch, dinner or bite, from Cataluña. It’s good and interesting to see a Tapas fast food ! Indeed the international chains are not present in the city center of Girona.


in the middle of the Old Town and with an extensive wine list that can accompany the irresistible variety of original and exquisite dishes that appear on the menu.

The Context

A good place to have a few glasses of wine accompanied by delicious tapas in a charming square in the city center.


Very fashionable, so it costs to find room, especially for dinner. With a tasting menu that will not leave anyone indifferent and good value for money.

El Celler de Can Roca is amongst the world's best restaurants. But Girona has many more fantastic places to eat.
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Local dishes you can’t miss in Girona

Girona has some excellent choices for food. Here are some must-try local dishes:

Sweet botifarra sausage with apples

A cured meat, roasted with apples, cinnamon, and lemon. Legend has it that this dish was invented by a jealous maid, whose master, the archbishop of Girona, was not paying enough attention to her. Instead of salting the sausage, she added sugar to it, which turned out to be a great (if accidental) idea.


A deep-fried, cream-filled pastry, very sweet. Available outside of Girona, but it is only in the city that you can find the real original!

Banyoli Beans

A local kind of bean that has been grown here for centuries. They are brown in color and don't have the usual brown eyes that one would expect.

Girona Restaurants

Here is a list of 3 popular restaurants in Girona:

1. Els Jardins de la Mercè

Els Jardins is much more than just a restaurant. Yes, they have excellent food, but it's the garden and the courtyard that create the magic! Have a meal in the restaurant and then sit in the garden with a coffee. Eventually, move on to a glass of wine or beer, and before you know it you'll have stayed here for several hours, enjoying great conversation, drinks, and food. What more could you wish for? ( Pujada de la Mercè, +34 972 22 68 45)

2. Palau Lo Mirador

This excellent restaurant is situated in a 14th-century building that once was home to the Counts of Barcelona and later was converted to a carriage house. Try the fish and shellfish soup with perfume of Pastis! ( Paseo de la Iglesia, Phone: +34 972 75 80 63)

3. La Calma

The beachfront restaurant has a tranquil atmosphere and serves innovative food, such as fried cod with cream of morcilla and lettuce vinaigrette. How about a glass of wine? The collection is extensive. Or how about a house cocktail, made from a secret recipe?

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World's best restaurant - in Girona

El Celler De Can Roca in Girona features consistently amongst the worlds best restaurants.

The place is run by 3 brothers - Joan, Josep and Jordi - and the food is Catalan, modern yet classic, and traditional yet playful.

You have to book in advance, the list runs for months.

But frankly, if this is your first time in Girona, spend time instead looking at the beautiful city and surroundings instead of half a day at a fancy restaurant.

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