Dali Triangle Tour from Barcelona

Keen to go on a Dali Triangle Tour. Is it feasible to do it in a day?

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Dali triangle of Costa Brava needs 2 days

The Dali triangle tour is a jewel in the crown of the Costa Brava itinerary for someone who likes either art or Dali. The 3 towns that make up the Dali triangle are:
- Pubol
- Figueres
- Portlligat

While these places appear close together on the map, it is not possible (nor recommended) to do a proper tour in less than 2 days. After all, each of these places has more than just the Dali attractions.

Start and end anywhere

The interesting thing is that you can begin your Dali tour from any of the 3 towns, and end it where you like, depending on your itinerary for the rest of Costa Brava

I suggest that you read the below post for a thoughtful and detailed 2 days itinerary for the Dali towns.

Drive or public transport - both work!

Of course, driving is the best way to get around Costa Brava but if you are interested in only the Dali triangle you are in luck because these places are relatively well connected with each other, and with Barcelona, by public transport.

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Dali Triangle from Barcelona

The three corners of Dali Triangle

  • Figueres [ Dalí Theatre-museum and Dalí·Jewels gallery]
  • Portlligat near Cadaques [House Museum]
  • Púbol [Gala castle]

Portlligat is 40 km (25 mi) north from Figueres to the coast and Púbol is 40 km (25 mi) south from Figueres, close to Girona city. Visiting all the corners of Dali triangle in a day will be very hectic.

Reaching three corners of the Dali triangle

Barcelona to Figueres

Take the AVE train to Figueres to visit the Dalí Theatre-museum. The high-speed train takes only 55 minutes to reach Figueres Vilafant station from Barcelona. The Dalí Theatre-Museum is 12 minutes by taxi or bus from Figueres Vilafant station. Alternately, you can also take the slower and cheaper Rodalies train from Barcelona which will drop you at Figueres station closer to the museum. Rodalies train take upto 2 hours to reach Figueres. If you prefer Rodalies train, take the 6:50 Rodalies from Barcelona which will drop you at Figueres by 9 AM. You have to book AVE train in advance but no reservation is needed for Rodalies train.

You will need 2 hours to visit the museum and the next-door gallery Dalí·Jewels. Pre-booking the ticket is recommended

Figueres to Cadeques

From Figueres take a taxi to Cadaques to visit the House Museum. You could have taken a bus but the service frequency is too low. For booking return taxi contact 972500008.

Tickets must always be reserved as the visit to the house-museum are undertaken in restricted-size groups of 8 people.

Figueres to Púbol

From Figueres reaching Púbol is little difficult. Take a train to Flaçà and then a taxi from Flaçà to Púbol which is 4 kms (2.48 miles) away. Flaçà is a station on Barcelona - Figueres-Vilafant line (AVE / AVANT). You can purchase the tickets for the castle when you arrive.

Púbol to Barcelona

You will have to take the taxi from Castle back to Flaçà and take the commuter train R11 back to Barcelona from Flaçà.

Dali Triangle: Practical Information

Dalí Theatre-museum
Entry fee : €14; Timings : 10:30am to 6pm [Last entry: 5.15 pm]
Salvador Dalí House,Portlligat
Entry fee : €11;Timings :10:30 am to 6:00 pm [Last access: 5:10 pm]
Gala Dalí Castle Púbol
Entry fee : €8;Timings : 10am to 5pm

The Cadillac in the Figueres museum was used by Dali's muse, Gala. It rains inside the car!

Tips :

  1. Book tickets for both Dalí Theatre-museum and the House Museum in advance.
  2. Take the earliest 7:20 am train from Barcelona. From the Figueres Vilifante station, take the local bus to the Museum. Book the taxi to Portlligat with Dali Museum as the pick-up point.
  3. Budget for at least 2 hours at Dalí Theatre-museum in Figueres. Half an hour to 45 minutes is adequate for house museum and the Gala castle. At the Dai Museum in Figueres, start your visit with room #11(Mae West) and then backtrack.

Dali Triangle Map

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Dali Triangle: Two-day trip

If you are starting from Barcelona, it might be wise to make the Dali Triangle a two-day trip. You can first drive to Pubol and visit the museum before staying overnight in Girona and continuing on the following day to Figueres and Port Lligat. We highly recommend using Girona as your home base as it is a reasonably-sized city with a variety of accommodation options and restaurants.

If you want to do Dali Triangle as a single day trip from Barcelona, you will have to do that trip in a private car. Be prepared for a 12-hour energy demanding extremely tight schedule.

If you have only one day to spare, it is better to skip Pubol castle and focus on Dali museums at Figueres and at Port Lligat (Cadaques).

Three sites that form Dali Triangle are


At Figueres Theater Museum, you can admire a selection of Dali's masterpieces. The Figueres museum was designed and conceived by Salvador Dalí himself to offer visitors a genuine experience into his unique world. The museum is named the “Theatre Museum” because Dali spent his childhood visiting the theater in the building that houses the museum today. Dali has been buried at Figueres.

Port Lligat

In 1930, Dalí built a house with a grand studio upon a group of fishermen huts at Port Lligat, near the picturesque fishing town of Cadaques. For most of his life, Dali and his wife, and muse, Gala stayed at Port Lligat. Their residence is now converted into a museum.

Pubol Castle

Dali converted late fourteenth-century castle at Pubol into a palatial residence for his wife Gala and named it as Gala castle. Dali could visit the castle only if Gala gave him her written permission!

Friends of Dali Museums

If you are going in for the Dali Triangle tour, consider becoming a member of Friends of Dali Museums association. On one time payment, friends of Dali Museums members gain free entrance to the Dalí museums and preferential tickets for various exhibitions. The association also engages in a wide range of activities: gatherings/dinners, surrealistic window-dressing competitions, film projections and cultural trips.

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Dali Triangle Video

Here is an video produced by Dali Museum that provides an overview of Dali Triangle

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Dali Triangle
First stop: Figueres by Rodalies commuter trains.
No reservation required. These trains are cheaper and go to city center

Figures to Cadaques - Bus [see Timetable]
The road is twisty but not dangerous. I will suggest a taxi over a bus. Cadaques is a pretty village and deserves an overnight stay. Amongst the many hotels, my favorite is Llané Petit Hotel.
Next morning, before starting to Pubol, go on a boat trip to Cova de l’Infern (boat taxis are plenty at Cadaques). Post an early lunch start to Pubol via Figures and Flaca. I will suggest hiring a taxi from Cadaques to Pubol. Finally, Pubol to Barcelona via Girona

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