Is it worth going to Port Aventura

We are here at Barcelona with two teens. We have a day to spare, should we plan a trip to Port Aventura?

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Teens will enjoy the day trip to Port Aventura.

Port Aventura is one of Europe’s largest theme parks offering a combination of high adrenaline activities like high-speed roller coasters and entertainment shows. In reality, Port Aventura is three parks in one – Amusement park, Ferrari Land and Caribe Aquatic Park .

Six themed zones

The park is divided into six themed zones:

  • Mediterranean (modeled after a seaside village in Catalonia)
  • Polynesian ( (modeled after tropical Polynesia )
  • Sesame Street (for smaller children with characters from Sesame
    Street television show)
  • China (Asian theme and also features Great Wall)
  • Mexico (Mexican theme)

Star attraction is Ferrari Land

The one that generates the maximum buzz is the latest addition, Ferrari Land built in collaboration with Ferrari. Ferrari land is centered around Europe’s tallest vertical accelerator roller coaster ( 112m or 367.5ft). You are shot 112 meters into the air and then plummet back down. The vertical accelerator gives you the same sensations that are felt by Formula 1 drivers, hitting speeds of 112mph in just five seconds.
The main street of Ferrari Land is designed to resemble an Italian town, with restaurants, retail and family ride all having a distinct Ferrari theming. You also have eight Ferrari simulators to try being a Ferrari race driver. For those who want to get a more realistic feel, there is a 1km long racing kart track with a pit stop! At the pit stop, you can experience the super-fast pit-stop tyre-change seen in formula racing.

Caribe Aquatic Park

The aquatic park features Europe’s tallest free-fall slide, 6-lane racer slides, and Caribbean-themed pools.

Port Aventura Ticket Price

One-day tickets for PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land start at €60 for adults and €52 for children aged 4-10. There are options for two-day tickets and stay at one of the themed hotels in Port Aventura.

You can book your ticket online [Online ticket price is at a discount to that sold at the ticket counter]

Port Aventura Practical Information

Port Aventura Timings:

May-Oct: 10am- 7pm or midnight (depending on season); rest of year: Call : +34 977 779 090 for details

Barcelona to Port Aventura

Port Aventura is located in Salou, 110 Kms from Barcelona.
The train is more convenient for tourists. Renfe’s R-16 starting from Barcelona Sants has a special stop at Port Aventura [Train Timings]. If you are going by train, you can buy a package from railway ticketing office that includes train ticket and entry to Port Aventura.

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Portaventura Roller Coasters

Portaventura was always known for its thrilling roller coasters, even before the advent of Ferrari Land. While, the vertical accelerator roller-coaster in now the tallest one in Europe, the previous record holder, 'Shambhala' is also in Portaventura.

The other roller coaster at Port Aventura that is worth mentioning goes by the name, Furius Baco. Furius Baco is Europe's second fastest roller-coaster and is themed around a vineyard and its owner, an eccentric mad professor.The idea is that the eccentric professor has designed the coaster to collect the grapes for him. In keeping with the theme, the roller-coaster has no floors and seats stick to the side making you vulnerable to the elements.

Those who love roller coaster drops will fall in love with another PortAventura's ride, Hurakan Condor. This extreme ride is an Intamin Giant Drop, with a drop of 330 feet!

Worth taking the effort to reach Salou from Barcelona for this incredible theme park. Tourists please note that Salou station is in the town of Salou and is not the station for Partaventura. You need to get down at Portaventura station which is just down from the Portaventura theme park. One more tip: Partaventura water park is often closed for maintenance Call before you go so that the kids are not disappointed.

Easily, PortAventura is the best theme park in Spain, if not in all of Europe.

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Make your PortAventura visit awesome:

  • You might not have time to try every ride in the park. Make sure you at least go on the most important ones! For thrill seekers, try Shambhala. This roller coaster starts with a 78-meter drop and continues through 7 loops, rises, and falls. Or how about Furious Baco, a horizontal catapult that accelerates you to 135 kph in 3 seconds.
  • For kids, the park offers good options as well: Sesamo Aventura (the Spanish name for Sesame Street) has lots of more mellow rides. There is also a train that goes slowly around the park, ideal to get a first overview or to relax after a few hours of thrill.
  • If you can, go outside of school holidays. If possible, even pick a weekday over the weekend.
  • Buy your ticket ahead of time online, this way you can skip the line for tickets at the entrance. There is an Express Pass as well. It's a little pricey, but it gets you past much of the lines for the rides. This might be useful on a busy day at the height of summer, you probably won't need it in the off-season.
  • Go against the current. When entering the park, everybody heads for the closest rides first. Do the opposite and head right for ancient China, then work your way back towards the entrance.
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