Where to try Vermouth in Barcelona

Where is the best place to try Vermouth in Barcelona?

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Let me jump straight to the list of the best Vermouth bars in Barcelona; but do read on after the list to learn more about Vermouth.

Best places for Vermouth in Barcelona

1. Quimet i Quimet
A fabulous, old-fashioned yet quirky, tapas bar highly recommended for their vermouth as well as their tapas. As authentic as they come, Quimet i Quimet is extremely popular with locals. Do as the regulars do and order a vermouth on the tap.

2. Bodega L'Electricitat
In Barceloneta neighbourhood, Bodega L'Electricitat is famous for vermut casero served with local meatballs, bombas. A very traditional and crowded tapas bar.

3. Bodega Maestrazgo
Bodega Maestrazgo is often my answer to guests who want to know “where to buy vermouth in Barcelona”. They have a huge range and a very helpful service. At their vermouth tasting room the drink comes straight up alongside a serving of anchovies.

4. Bodega 1900

Bodega 1900 is run by famed chef, Albert Adria, Vermouth comes poured from barrels and accompanied by delicious anchovies in oil with pepper. Make sure to make a reservation. Their stated aim is to revive healthy habit of "anar a fer el Vermut" (meeting for a drink and small tapas)

5. Casa Mariol
A stone’s throw from Sagrada Familia, this shop run by wine producers, Casa Mariol doubles up as a vermutería, serving delicious tapas as well as a full drinks menu.

What is Vermouth?

Vermut (the Catalan spelling of “vermouth”) is one of the most popular drinks in Catalonia, particularly Barcelona. Vermouth is a bitter wine that is aromatized with roots, flowers and barks, and fortified with brandy.

Many types of Vermouth in Barcelona
In Catalonia, having vermouth is much more than just having a quick drink and nibbling on tapas. It is part of well-established Sunday tradition. As locals “Vermouth is a thing you do on Sundays, after mass and before lunch to open the appetite.”

How to have your Vermouth

A quarter of century back, vermouth had almost disappeared from Barcelona. However, thanks to efforts by committed restaurateurs, now there is a virtual explosion of bars serving vermouth. Today you can enjoy Vermut all over Barcelona, from traditional bodegas to chic restaurants, as well in specialist vermuterías.

Vermouth is a pre-lunch aperitif, to be enjoyed on any day of the week. Vermouth is often paired with pickled items like pickled olives, pepinillos (gherkins), guindas (cherries), salt anchovies etc. Unless you want to stand out as a sore thumb, don’t order a vermut late at night. It is an aperitif to be had before lunch.

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Having Vermut, on tap

In Barcelona, you must have Vermouth, on tap straight from the barrel. The best bars to try vermut are traditional vermuterías where 'ir a hacer el vermut' (Vermut before lunch) is not an expression but way of life.

Vermuterías in Gothic Quarter

Some of the best vermut bars are found in Gothic Quarter, center of the old city of Barcelona. As you stroll narrow lanes of Gothic quarter, you will come across many bars serving vermouth. According to me, the best one remains

Cala del Vermut

A tiny watering hole which is always crowded. Try their vermut del grifo (draft vermouth) which is served with green olive spear to know why Cala del Vermut always ranks high on my list.

Vermuterías in Gracia

Gràcia is undoubtedly one of the beautiful neighborhoods of Barcelona that is thankfully less touristy. Gràcia has managed to retain its unique character that is distinctively Catalan. Gracia neighborhood houses some of the best and traditional vermuterías and bodegas.

Bodega Marin
You must visit Bodega Marin in Gracia to understand how locals buy their vermouth. You can buy most varieties of vermut from the barrel for between € 1 and € 2 a litre. You can sample and snack on bocadillos while deciding which vermut to buy.

Bodega Ca'l Pep
Bodega Ca'l Pep bursts with authentic flair and has been a solid bet for decades.

Vermouth In Raval neighbourhood, Barcelona:

Bodega Armando;A classic old-style tapas bar in the heart of Raval with friendly barman. Try vermouth and jamon with pan con tomate.
If you are around Sant Antoni, stop at Colibri for a break, sipping vermut with some patatas bravas and pan con tomate!
3. Guell Tapas
Tucked in a quiet street off La Rambla, this restaurant is a gem. Try their local dishes along with vermut.

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Bar Seco (Slowfood).

This "tavern" is located in Poble-sec, small but definitely cozy. You can taste delicious cocktails (among them the vermouth) and dishes with ecological ingredients at a very good price. I recommend the "gyoza de verduras".


In this great cocktail place you can try one of the best Vermouth in Barcelona. It is in Poblenou and the price is very affordable. The fish tapas are delicious, if you want to accompany the vermouth with something to eat.

Senyor Vermut

Here you can find about 40 types of Vermouth! Highly recommended if you really like this drink. Provença street.

Route "La Gràcia del Vermut"

Very highly recommended tour if you are a vermouth fan. Discovery Vermut history and culture by visiting the wineries. The tour lasts about 3 hours and is on Saturdays, Sundays and / or holidays (includes two Vermut). Reservations here: https://andronacultura.com/ruta-cultural-la-gracia-del-vermut/

Vermut Museum

There is a Vermut Museum in Tarragona, 90 minutes away from Barcelona but highly recommended. It is located in a nice modernist building and is open every day except Mondays. They have an exhibition and a restaurant:

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