What to buy in Barcelona for souvenirs and as gifts to take home

What are some gifts and souvenirs from Barcelona that we can buy and bring back from our trip? We like to buy souvenirs that are unique and also gifts for friends.

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There is an art gallery that I love to visit called Art Montfalcon (Carrer dels Boters, Gothic Quarter) and it is full of very original souvenirs. The building where it is located is also very beautiful.

Catalan sausage - fuet de vic

I highly recommend the fuet de vic Catalan sausage of pork meat. It is easy to carry and is delicious. It can be found easily. The official shop Casa Riera Ordeix can be visited and though it costs about 5 euros per person to enter, it is very recommended since you will learn a lot about the sausage.

Rare objects

One of my favorite stores is called Fantastik in Carrer de Joaquín Costa. It has very peculiar (and rare!) objects from different countries. Surely you find great gifts.

Handcrafted souvenirs

There is a very famous shop called "OMG BCN" in Plaça de la Llana. It has very original and handcrafted items. Most are decorative and very modern.


Another typical Barcelona souvenirs is a figure of the "caganer", it is a very picturesque and cheeky figure of a man dressed in traditional robes. It is very traditional at Christmas. You can find this at any of the souvenir shops.

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Best souvenirs and gifts from Barcelona

Gaudi Memorabilia from Barcelona

Barcelona is strongly associated with Gaudi and many of his unusual buildings. You will find Gaudi memorabilia everywhere. The best of the lot, in my opinion, are available at the ground floor souvenir shop of Casa Milà (La Pedrera). Gaudi memorabilia are perfect as souvenirs and gift items.

Barca Merchandise is a perfect Barcelona souvenir

Barca, football club of Barcelona, with their motto 'Més que un club” (more than a club), represents Barcelona and Catalonian pride. A souvenir from Barca is a must – you can buy this at Camp Nou stadium. If you are not visiting Camp Nou, pick a souvenir at their shop in the center of Barcelona, near Sagrada Família.

A bottle of the special FCB whisky is recommended as a souvenir from Barcelona. You also have backpacks and other items which are perfect as gifts for teenage boys.

Espardenyes – a perfect Spanish gift

Espardenyes, traditional peasants' shoes, are strongly associated with Valencia and Catalonia. Today stylish designer ones are popular as a souvenir.

The go-to shop for Espardenyes is La Manual Alpargatera, right off Carrer Ferran in the Gothic Quarter. They have the widest range and can even take you on a tour of their small factory they run at the back of the store.

Barcelona Fashion Wear as a souvenir

Barcelona is home to high street fashion names like Massimo Dutti , Mango, DESIGUAL, AILANTO and lots more. These brands have their shops (and outlet stores) all across the city.

The city centre area of Portal del Angel has many shops selling Barcelona and other Spanish brands. For me, buying a Mango in the place of the brand’s origin - Barcelona - is a perfect souvenir!

Simple Barcelona souvenirs – bargain hard!

As you stroll through the Gothic quarter area, you will find many shops selling souvenirs of all kinds – pottery, jewellery and other accessories.

Most of these shops target gullible tourists looking to buy cheap items from Barcelona that they can take as gifts back home.

If you are confident of your bargaining skills, bargain hard at one of these shops in Old Barcelona, and try to pick a souvenir.

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@snowflake : OMG Barcelona is a notable exception. Any particular reason?
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My guests end up buying the following as souvenirs to take back home from Barcelona
a) Barca merchandise at Camp Nou. As can be expected, a favorite with teens
b) Gaudi memorabilia from the souvenir shop of Casa Mila or Casa Batlló. Most commonly bought items are multi colored handcrafted items like cats and earrings with Gaudi inspired designs.
c) Cava

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I recommend the areas of "La Rambla" or the "Gothic Quarter" as they have a greater number and larger variety of souvenir shops.

Gaudi and Dali souvenirs

If you like Gaudí, Salvador Dalí, and ceramics or pottery, I recommend Itaca located near Las Ramblas. You can buy an azulejo tile as a memory; they are all precious and very original. Especially look for versions of the characteristic Gaudí lizard from Park Guell.

And of course if you like football, buy FC Barcelona merchandise at their many stores around the city.

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