Best Museums of Girona

I have heard Girona is famous for museums, what are the main Museums to consider visiting in Girona?

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Girona Museums

Girona has 6 main museums, apart from the Cathedral Museum.

  1. Museum of Archaeology , Girona

    This museum is located in Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants, which itself is a Catalan Romanesque building of high archaeological value.
    Carrer de Santa Llúcia, 8, 17007, Girona,Spain

    972 211 678    Website

  2. Art Museum of Girona

    Located in the Palau Episcopal of Girona, this Art Museum has fascinating Catalan paintings, sculptures, and altars.
    Pujada de la Catedral, 12, 17004, Girona,Spain

    +34 972 20 38 34   

  3. History Museum of Girona

    History Museum of Girona in St. Anthony’s monastery, covers the Roman history of Girona up to present day.
    Carrer de la Força, 27, 17004, Girona,Spain

    +34 972 22 22 29    Website

  4. Museum of Jewish History of Girona

    Located in the last synagogue and tells the story of the Jewish community of Girona.
    8, Forca Street, 17004, Girona,Spain

    +34 972 21 67 61    Website

  5. Girona Museum of Cinema

    This interesting museum documents the history of cinema with over 30,000 objects. Tomas Mallol was the one who gave the Lumiere brothers their first projector.
    Carrer de la Sèquia, 1, 17001, Girona,Spain

    +34 972 41 27 77    Website

  6. Casa Masó

    Located along the river in the old Girona city, and it was where Rafael Maso - an outstanding 20th century Catalan architect was born.
    Carrer de les Ballesteries, 29, 17004, Girona,Spain

    +34 972 41 33 98   

Girona Museum Ticket M6

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