Is Articket Barcelona worth buying?

Is it worth buying ART PASSPORT [articket Barcelona]. If time permits, I would like to visit many museums in Barcelona.

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I normally end up NOT RECOMMENDING Barcelona Art Passport [Articket Barcelona ]. You have long lines only at Picasso museum. Most other Barcelona museums are not busy.

To get the most from your visit to Picasso museum, it is better to prebook guided tour. If you book the guided tour, you don’t have to stand in the line at the Picasso Museum.

Unlike in Madrid, the six museums of Barcelona are not close to each other. Thus, it is unlikely that you will visit all the six museums.

You can visit each Barcelona museum only once

Using Articket, you can visit a museum only once. As you enter a museum, gatekeeper will mark your attendance in the space provided.

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If you are sure to visit more than 3 Barcelona museums, it is worth buying Barcelona ARTICKET.

What are the entitlements of Barcelona ARTICKET [Art Passport]?

  • Entry to 6 Museums of Barcelona.
  • 45% off on the normal admission price [assuming you visit all the 6 Barcelona museums]
  • Skip the line benefit at the 6 Barcelona Museums. This is particularly advantageous at Picasso Museum where the lines are long. Should you choose to book the ticket for Picasso museum individually, then you need to specify time of entry at time of booking. However, with Articket you get 'skip the line' advantage without any prior reservation.
  • Barcelona art ticket is valid for three months after your first museum visit. You can visit the same Barcelona museum more than once during your stay in Barcelona (you must request the ticket clerk for this privilege) .

Museums covered by Barcelona ARTICKET

  • Museu Picasso - € 11
  • Fundació Joan Miró - € 12
  • MACBA - € 8
  • Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya -€ 12
  • Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) - € 6
  • Fundació Antoni Tàpies - € 7

What are the disadvantages of Barcelona ARTICKET ?

Most visitors to Barcelona do not visit all the 6 museums. At € 30, Barcelona Articket pays for itself only if you visit at least 3 museums.

How to buy Barcelona ARTICKET?

1. Online

If you buy the Articket Pass online, you will have to get it endorsed at the first museum you will be visiting.

2. At the Museums

All the participating museums in Barcelona sell Articket

3. Barcelona Tourism Office

You can buy Articket at any of the tourism office/information center in Barcelona [including the one at the airport]

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Here is how it works:
At the first museum that you visit, exchange the printed voucher for the real art-passport. To skip lines ask for the Articket entrance.There is no need for any prior booking with Articket.

IMPORTANT : You can visit the each of museums only once. There is no way around that. I confirmed the same at the museum itself. Apart from skip the line, the other advantage with Articket is that you can go to permanent collections and even the temporary ones.
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Barcelona Museum Pass Video

Here is a short video explaining Barcelona Articket.

I have avoided recommending Articket to my Barcelona guests. The primary reason being that most of my guests stay for 3 days in Barcelona and do not want to visit any other museum apart from Picasso museum. At best, some do visit MNAC museum by combining it with Magic Fountains.

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