When is the best time to go to Sitges

I hear Sitges is great year round, but are there times of the year when it is absolutely unmissable? When should I go?

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June is the best time to go to Sitges

if you have the flexibility to pick any month, pick June if you do not mind paying a premium for accommodation in Sitges. The weather is warm and not yet hot and sticky, and the water is perfect for a swim.

If you are a beach person, the best time to go to Sitges is June to September. If you are lucky even half of October is warm in the water in Sitges.

April is the start of the tourist season in Sitges, that runs till November.
Winter months can get cold and the entertainment in Sitges does slow down.

Sitges has beaches for all types

Festivals are a great time to be in Sitges.

Here is a list of the 3 important events and festivals that elevate Sitges to a new level of activity and buzz. If possible try and be in Sitges for one of these festivals.

February - Sitges Carnival or Mardi Gras

Around the third week of February, is the best time to be in Sitges for the Mardi Gras Carnival. The Sitges town is full of costumes, floats, and colour. The parades are a major attraction for the gay community; though they can get quite risqué for families with young children to attend.

August - Festa Major de Sitges

Siges in the middle of August is a party, with processions of gegants, fire runs, dancing of sardanas and castellers building human towers. A major attraction that sets the Festa Major in Sitges apart from other cities, is the fireworks display along Sitges beach.

October - Sitges Film Festival

The International Film Festival in Sitges takes place in early October has been a regular event since 1968. The 10 day event draws a celebrity crowd for a celebration of international cinema focused on the Horror and Fantasy genres.

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Unless you are going to Spain only for Sitges, you should just go anytime it is convenient.

Sitges fashion has no season

Sitges is cosmopolitan and stylish all year round. Even if the beaches may be off limits in the winter, the trendy boutiques, galleries and restaurants are buzzing whenever you choose to visit.

Unlike typical resorts that have seasons, Sitges have a strong local and visiting population all through the year.

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