Family beaches in Sitges

We are worried that our children may be embarrassed if we take them to Sitges beaches. Are there any suitable Sitges beaches for the family?

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Yes, of course. There are family friendly beaches at Sitges.
But as Sitges is Gay and nudist friendly city, you will find some topless sunbathing on almost every beach in Sitges.

Sitges has 17 beaches connected to each other, along a 4 km coastal stretch. Only 5 of 12 beaches in Sitges are classified as gay or nudist.

Family Friendly Beaches in Sitges

The family friendly beaches in Sitges are located closer to the city centre and church of Sant Bartomeu I Santa Tecla.

Platja de la Fragata

Lively Fragata beach close to Sant Bartomeu church.
Fragata is directly below the Sitges church. The most family friendly beach in Sitges with activities like volleyball nets and pedalo boats for hire, Fragata beach in Sitges also has a yacht club.

Platja Sant Sebastiá

A 200 meter long beach with calm waters, located east of the Sitges church, Sant Sebastia is popular with families. Behind Sant Sebastia there are many restaurants and cocktail bars.

Platja de la Ribera

Ribera is a large and busy beach for all, closer to the Sitges town, to the west of the church. There are flashes of nudity here at Ribera but it is not a nudist beach.

Other Beaches in Sitges

Apart from the family friendly beaches in Sitges, here are others which are less family friendly (Gay or Nudist beaches)

  • Platja de la Bassa Rodona is the most gay friendly beach, in the
    middle of the stretch of beaches, too the west and third from the
  • Platja d'Aiguadolç and Platja dels Balmins are nudist beaches on the
    Sitges stretch of beaches. They are a 30 and 15 minutes walk away
    from the Sitges church, to the far east. Balmins is sheltered by a
    rocky cliff at its back, making it a perfect beach for nudists.

Secluded Beach in Sitges

Platja de les Anquines is to the far west of the Sitges beach stretch, and the most secluded beach on the Sitges stretch. Anquines is a small beach with a sheltered cove, and frequented by all groups of people.

Sitges Beach Facilities

All Sitges beaches have good basic facilities (showers, sun loungers, toilets), restaurants and bars. Lifeguards are present at all times, and all beaches are safe blue flag beaches.

If your family is very particular about avoiding nudity, Sitges is probably not the pace for you.

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It is unfortunate that Sitges is not seen as a family destination. For my money, it is the best family destination around Barcelona.

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