Where can I try a Sacromonte Omelette in Granada?

I am a foodie and I want to make sure I have a Sacromonte Omelette on my trip to Granada. Where is the best place to go for a Sacromonte Omelette in Granada?

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The Sacromonte Omelette is popular as a traditional dish of Granada, everywhere except in Granada!!

I am not joking, most tourists to Granada do ask me about the Sacromonte omelette but I have never heard local Granadainos speaking about it.

Apparently, the Sacromonte omelette was featured in NBC's TV show Hannibal and that's what made it's popularity shoot up!

Thanks to the popularity, most restaurants in Granada serve the Sacromonte omelet though many may not know what is a good Sacromonte omelette in the first place.

If you want to tick the box on the Sacromonte Omelette during your Granada visit, then try Sacromonte omelette at Casa Juanillo, a small restaurant right at Sacromonte, next to the 'caves' where flamenco shows are staged.

Many restaurants near 'Sacromonte caves' serve Sacromonte Omelette

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What is in a Sacromonte Omelette?

Make sure you know the list of ingredients in a Sacromonte Omelette.

Apart from Eggs, Chorizo, peas, potatoes, peppers and ham...

Sacromonte Omelettes contain pork, veal or lamb brains or lamb testicles.

If you still have an appetite, be brave and try a Sacromonte Omelette anywhere in Spain.

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