Child friendly restaurants in Barcelona

Traveling as a family we always face a challenge to find places where we can be comfortable with our young kids 5 and 7. Can you recommend some child friendly restaurants in Barcelona? Will they have places for children to play around?

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Child friendly outings in Barcelona restaurants are no problem at all.

In Barcelona, the norm is to eat out as a family, especially on weekends. This means restaurants are not only used to children, but welcome them wholeheartedly. In fact, there is a law which makes it compulsory for restaurants not to discriminate their patrons who visit them with children. Thus, all restaurants in Barcelona are child friendly restaurants.

However, do not expect a children's menu or play area in every Barcelona restaurant. Good local – and childproof – options commonly found on tapas menus are the tortilla de patatas (potato omelette) or croquetas de jamón (croquettes with ham).
Here are some child friendly restaurants in Barcelona

  1. Pudding Barcelona

    Voted as the most child friendly restaurant in Barcelona, Pudding has everything from dartboards, to a special kids zone. The food is tasty and prices reasonable.
    Carrer de Pau Claris, 90, 08010, Barcelona, Spain

    +34 936 76 10 25

  2. Granja M Viader

    An authentic 100+ year old family run restaurant known for their churros con chocolate and mel i mato (cheese and honey), Granja M Viader also has the best churros con chocolate in all of Barcelona and a big hit with kids.
    Carrer d'en Xuclà, 4-6, 08001, Barcelona,Spain

    +34 933 18 34 86

  3. El Bosc de les Fades

    Families with kids will enjoy the magical fairy theme of El Bosc de les Fades. Once inside, you will feel like you are in an enchanted forest full of fairies and trees. Located close to wax museum in Las Ramblas, Barcelona.
    Museo de Cera, Passatge de la Banca, 7, 08002, Barcelona

    +34 933 17 26 49    Website

  4. Els Pollos de Llull

    This restaurant is known for three things: chicken, the value for money set meal and their child friendly ambience. To keep their young patrons occupied, they ask the child to draw and paint a chicken, which is then displayed much to the merriment of the child. Els Pollos de Llull have two branches, one in Eixample (close to Sagrada Familia) and the other one down by Vila Olímpica.
  5. Doble Zer00

    A popular sushi restaurant, Doble Zeroo has a small playground where children can play. On weekends, they offer to babysit while you eat your food.
    Carrer de Jaume Giralt, 53, 08003, Barcelona,Spain

    +34 933 15 17 44

  6. La Gondola

    An excellent small Italian pizzeria serving delicious pizzas made in a wood-fired oven, on weekends La Gondola organizes a ‘fun in the pizza workshop’ to keep children engaged at lunch time.
    Carrer de Jaume Giralt, 53, 08003, Barcelona

    +34 933 15 17 44

  7. Café Godot

    Their weekend brunch (offered midday-7pm) provides plenty of choice for children. The cafe has a children’s play area too.
    Carrer de Sant Domènec, 19, 08012, Barcelona

    +34 933 68 20 36

  8. Semproniana

    Chef Ada Parellada at Semproniana offers a great menu for kids but what’s really unique is that every Saturday from 1:30-3:30 p.m. (September to June), they offer a cooking workshop called “Patacutxi” for children ages four to 10. Parents can simply send their kids back to the kitchen while they enjoy a good meal without distractions.
    Carrer del Rosselló, 148, 08036, Barcelona,Spain

    +34 934 53 18 20

By law, restaurants in Barcelona cannot discriminate patrons arriving with children, All restaurants in Barcelona are child-friendly.

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It is EASY to be out with kids in Barcelona. You will not have to think twice about taking kids anywhere with you to eat, whether it is to a restaurant, cafe or bar.

As a culture, Spain is very kid friendly. People will naturally and genuinely look after your needs as a family.

Kids are out late in Barcelona, so don't worry about taking your children out with you even late into the evening.

So, with kids in Barcelona, just be yourselves when you go out to eat. Decide your restaurant based on the adults, and the kids will always be welcomed and looked after.

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This restaurant is a very good option to go with children, since they are almost the leaders in this area. They have a children's menu and they present kids with balloons and other gifts, such as coloring books and drawings. It is a very spacious place with a large terrace where kids can play. The cuisine is Peruvian, and is very colorful and fun.
Located on Calle Còrsega near La Pedrera.


Beautiful Asian fusion restaurant, they have an incredible children's space and play area with a monitor called Samu who will take care of the little ones. The apple crumble is delicious and the kids love it.
Located in Vila de Gracia, Calle de la Virtut

Mama's Cafe

If you fancy a brunch and want to take your kids, this place is one of the best. They are very healthy and use ecological products and ingredients. They have a small playground with toys for the little ones.
Located on Calle de Torrijos in Vila de Gracia.

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