Vatican with kids

Is it worthwhile to visit Vatican with kids - aged 7 and 10?

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Yes! Take kids to the Vatican

It is a good idea to visit the Vatican with young kids. There is a lot of open space in St. Peter's Square for the children to run around. And even inside the Basilica or the Vatican Museums, they can be managed if you take short breaks.

Of course, some will say that it is never ideal to take small children to any place without ice cream or rides. So carry some candy, a small snack, and water. And all will be fine. Do not rely on the Vatican cafe because lines can be long.

Top 5 tips to enjoy the Vatican with kids

1. Layer up

The weather can change quite suddenly in Rome, especially in the open spaces of the Vatican where you might have to wait in line for longer than you planned. So get the kids to wear layers and peel them off if it gets too hot. Do not trust the Rome weather forecast when you are travelling with kids. Also, make sure the kids are wearing comfortable shoes.

2. Pre-Book

Even if you are going in the low season, you should prebook skip the line access to all possible places. Ideally book the time slot if available.

3. Book a Vatican kids tour

There are many tour companies in Rome that will take your kids on an engaging tour of the Vatican attractions. They will organize activities like scavenger hunts and keep the kids interested in stories connected to the Vatican.

4. Take a buggy

Strollers are allowed at almost all places in the Vatican so it is a good idea to carry a light baby stroller when you visit the Vatican with young kids. There are lifts and storage spaces available as well.

5. Plan the Vatican kids' day in advance

The Vatican is a compact place and so visiting with kids can be made easier if you plan in advance where you will go and in what order. This way there is no confusion, less kiddie anxiety, and you will save time.

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