Eating at the Vatican

Where to eat at the Vatican city?

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The Vatican Museums offer a number of food options, including: a self-service restaurant, a pizzeria, a bistro in the Courtyard of the Pine Cone, and a coffee bar just outside the Pavilion of the Carriages. There’s another café’ located just outside the Sistine Chapel itself. These cafés and restaurants are not particularly cheap, and with a deluge of tired visitors exiting the museums throughout the day they can afford to price accordingly.

Packed lunches are allowed – and are recommended – when visiting the Vatican itself. Alcohol is prohibited throughout, and food must be left in a free cloak-room when visitors are entering the museums.

Food for sale in the Vatican Museum
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In the Vatican City there is an Osteria, a self-service restaurant, and two bars. In fact there is not much choice within the Vatican City and often these places are crowded by tourists and pilgrims.

Moving out a little, however, we can find many restaurants, bars, bistros and corners of street food, pizzerias. They are located in Piazza Risorgimento and in the surrounding streets, especially in the small via di Borgo Pio, with its trattorias of typical Roman cuisine.

I recommend the Tre Pupazzi Restaurant for those who want to try the cod, and E.G.G. a really good take away pasta restaurant, but around there are restaurants to suit all tastes!

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