Do you need a guided tour of the Vatican?

Do you need a guided tour of the Vatican? Can we do with self guided tour of the Vatican?

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Whether you choose to purchase a Vatican guided tour or not will depend on your reasons for visiting the city and on your budget. While taking in and appreciating the sights as a layman is entirely possible – it’s hard not to be impressed by most of what you see – informed and well-spoken guides can make all the difference when you’re remembering your visit and recounting it to others. If you’re a history buff yourself, tours may not feel necessary, but talking to another person with your interests can make for an interesting and engaging visit.

Official Vatican guided tours are reasonably priced and trustworthy. One additional benefit of these tours is the opportunity to skip lines, which can be very long during peak season. If you can afford it, opt for private tours as they include sections of the Museums not often included in group tours, such as the Pinacoteca Vaticana gallery and the Bramante Staircase. Guests for whom I’ve arranged such tours often find themselves less hurried and more able to take in the surroundings – which allow opportunities for solemn contemplation which go unnoticed by tourists rushing through the preordained routes.

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There is absolutely no need for a guide to see the Vatican. Every building that can be visited in the Vatican has its own audio guide in all languages and under this point of view the organization is good.

Choosing to take a guided tour, please note that the guide can give you advice and help you skip the lines, or give you the best tips on where to start. If the interest in the Vatican is deep and you want to make an accurate and detailed tour then the guide will be the best choice, especially when you are in a group so that the prices remain modest.

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