Child Friendly Restaurants in Rome

Which are some of recommended child friendly restaurants in Rome?

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Giolitti ice-cream parlour

Giolitti is one of the most famous (and popular) places to get gelato in Rome. Buying gelato is always a great idea when travelling with kids, but Giolitti will be one of the best, with waiters in their old fashioned white and gold brocade, and creamy flavours that change with every season.

Taverna del Ghetto

This is a great little restaurant that is located in Rome's Jewish ghetto, right in the centre of Rome. The Taverna is located in a pedestrian only area so it is a good place for kids to explore once they have finished their tasty fried morsels and classic Italian pasta dishes.

Briciole Favole & Co.

If your kids have not yet had enough pizza to last them a lifetime, take them to Briciole Favole & Co. This is a pizzeria located in the suburbs of Rome, and it is a restaurant targeted at kids. Here you will find a delicious array of food accompanied by entertainers and an area for the kids to play.

Da Michele

This is a pizzeria that is owned by the best pizza makers in Naples, and it is a great option for kids if you are planning on making a trip to the Explora Museum. The Explora is a museum that has been made especially for children, and Da Michele is conveniently located inside the museum for an easy pit stop.

ViVi Bistrot

The ViVi Bistrot is one of the best places to eat in Rome if your kids need a break from sightseeing. This family friendly restaurant is located in the Villa Doria Pamphili Park, and as one of the biggest parks in Rome, there is plenty of space for kids to run around and meadows as far as the eye can see. The restaurant itself is built in a refurbished barn and offers up tasty and healthy food.


If you want something quick before you carry on exploring the city then you might want to head over to Bread-In. This is a sandwich shop that offers many different delicious combinations and there is sure to be something for even the most picky child. Fresh bread and pastries are always a hit with kids in Italy!

Hostaria Buccilli

Hostaria Buccilli is another great family-friendly restaurant to come to if the kids (or you) need a break. This restaurant is located in the northern suburbs of Rome, and there is a garden where running around and playing soccer are encouraged. Come and enjoy some home-style cooking and take a break while the kids play outside.

Il Leoncino

This is another wonderful pizzeria and it is a great place if you need something quick. Here the kids will be able to watch their pizzas being made, and you can enjoy fast service and very kid-friendly staff members.

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Mucca Pazza Ristorante-Pizzeria

“Mucca Pazza” is the one of the most famous place for family with kids. There are two kind of menu, food and place to stay, one for parents and one for children. Everything is kid-friendly.

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