Bikes and Vespas in Florence

Where to rent bikes and Vespas in Florence?

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It’s easy to rent a bike in Florence

Renting a bike can be a great way to get around the city of Florence, as well as exploring some of the countryside, and there are several ways that you can do this.

Bike renting in Florence city

Like many major cities, the Florence municipality provides bikes in convenient locations that you can rent in one place and drop off in another. The stations are located at Santa Maria Novella Station and Via Ghiberti, and the services are open from Monday to Saturday (opening times change depending on whether you are visiting in high season or off season). The stands of bright purple bikes are easy to find, and they have the cheapest rates in the city:
1 hour= €2
5 hours=€5
All day=€10
If there are no bikes left, you can go to a private rental company (which will be slightly more expensive). You can try somewhere like Alinari or Florence by Bike. Their prices are still relatively cheap (around €2.50 for an hour), but they are more expensive for the longer time frames, and you will also be paying more if you want to rent a mountain bike. Note that you will probably need your ID or passport no matter where you rent a bike, and that they will charge extra if you return it late.

Renting bikes in the countryside

It can be an exciting day trip to go biking out in the hills around Florence or out into the Chianti wine region. It is possible to do this yourself, but if you are not a confident cyclist it would probably be better to go with a guided tour. Companies like iBikeTuscany offer a range of tours through the countryside for all different levels and all different kinds of day tours, and this would be a magical way to experience the Tuscan countryside if you have a day to get out of the city.

Renting a Vespa in Florence

Are you dreaming of driving through romantic Italian streets and along country roads on a cute little Vespa? Florence could be the place to realize that dream! But there are several things that you will need to consider before trying to rent a scooter in this city:

Checklist for Vespa rentals in Florence

Have you driven one before?

Many rental agencies in Florence require that you have had experience with a scooter before, even though you don't need a specific license to drive one

Are you following the road rules?

The local authorities are strict on people wearing helmets in Florence, and this will be enforced. You also can't go out on the open highways

Do you want to go out into the countryside?

As you have probably figured out, a lot of Florence is a pedestrian only zone, so the best way to enjoy a scooter rental is to use it to explore the countryside surrounding Florence and out to the Chianti wine region.

Do you have documents?

Your passport, valid license, and credit card are the bare minimum requirements for renting a scooter in Florence

Do you know where to rent a scooter?

Two good places to rent scooters are Alinari and Florence by Bike. You will find slightly better prices at Alinari, where scooters can be rented from €30-€55 for the day. Florence by Bike generally offer better advice on rentals, but prices come in at about €65.

Both rental agencies also rent out bicycles if you would prefer to just stay in the historic centre and explore the tiny back streets of Florence on two wheels.

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I don’t know where to rent Vespas in Florence other than “Fattoria Lavacchio” - but their use is limited to the surroundings of Chianti Rufina.

For what concerns bikes, the town has adopted this new system of bike sharing called mobike. Through its app, you can always know where you can find available bikes and you can directly pay the renting for the time you’re going to use it!

It’s really useful since the town centre is not so big and it can be easily explored with this new system! :)

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