What are the recommended tours in Granada

I will be in Granada for 3 days. Should I go on a walking tour, Hop On Hop Off, or any other interesting tour in Granada? I've searched the Internet but could not make up my mind as the information is quite sketchy.

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Walking tours in Granada

Granada Historic Center tours

Many operators offer walking tours covering Granada's historic center and important monuments like Granada Cathedral and Capilla Real.

The free walking tour organized by Feel the City tours comes highly recommended. The tour starts at 1030 AM from Plaza Isabel la Católica everyday.

Being a free tour of Granada, the group can be as large as 25 -30 people. The walking tour takes about 2-3 hours, is a great introduction to Granada and its unique culture.

Walking down Cuesta de Gomérez for a tour starting at Plaza Nueva

Tours to Alhambra

Many tour operators offer guided tours to Alhambra. Before booking any skip the line tour of Alhambra, make sure that entry to the Nasrid Palace is part of the itinerary.

Following tour operators come recommended for Alhambra tour.
- Granavision
- Cicerone Granada

Albayzín walking tours

Albayzín is like no other neighborhood, it is full of charm and mystery. Albayzín is best experienced with a local Granada guide.

The free Albayzin walking tour organized by Walk in Granada comes highly recommended. The walking tour starts at 4 PM from Plaza Nueva every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

They also offer a free walking tour of Sacromonte, the wonderful district where Roma gypsies still live in caves in the sides of beautiful hills. To participate in the walking tour, make a reservation through their website, though they do accommodate tourists who just show up at the meeting point to join the tour.

Secret Granada Tour

Secret tunnels and dungeons were dug by the Moors and by their Christian successors, in Granada, at the Alhambra and also in the city below connecting various carmenes, the walled residences.

These secret tunnels were used to supply food during the times when Granada was under siege. The secret tunnels were also used to keep prisoners captive.

Secret Granada offers a tour of these dungeons and tunnels on Saturdays. Telegraph has a nice review of the secret Granada tour.

Granada tapas tour

Granada is capital of tapas. Even today, Granada bars serve free tapas. The best way to relish tapas is like a local, with a Granada local.

Mackie Gayle's Granada tapas tour comes highly recommended. This walking tour will help you relish some of the tastiest tapas paired with excellent wines. At the same time, you also learn about the food and culture of Granada.

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I highly recommend the Granada Historic Centre tour.

Also consider Alhambra´s Woods Tour (15€) by the same company. Alhambra Woods Tours focuses on the landscape around the Alhambra and the life of the people who lived there. It does NOT cover Alcazaba, Nasrid Palace, and Generalife.

I do not think you need a guided tour for the Albaicin quarter. You can just take a map and walk around the area at leisure after some research.

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If you are done with seeing the sights in Granada, consider seeing the areas around the city.

Las Alpujarras

The Alpujarras are white villages on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Visit the 3 villages of Pampaneira, Capileira, and Bubión are all close to each other. There are nice hiking trails around and the villages can be easily reached by bus.

Pampaneira is at the lowest level and has nice restaurants and souvenir shops.

Bubión is higher up and is marked by its huge bell tower.

Capileira is even higher, at the top of the valley, and this village is still unspoiled by development.

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