Romantic hotels in Venice

Can you recommend romantic hotels to a couple on their honeymoon trip to Venice.

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Venice is one of the most romantic cities on earth, and there are many beautiful hotels in the city that can complement a weekend getaway of hand holding, gondola rides and wandering down side streets eating gelato.

Romantic hotels in Venice

1. Baglioni Hotel - Central yet romantic

The Baglioni Hotel Luna is the definition of a romantic getaway. This hotel is located in the heart of Venice, right next to Saint Mark's Basilica. Despite its central, touristy location, the hotel still feels like it is tucked away from the many people that descend on Saint Mark's Square as it is in the opposite direction that all the crowds generally move.

The interior of the Baglioni is grand in a comfortable way, and even though it is part of a chain of hotels it has its own Venetian feel to it. If you are planning a romantic getaway, this hotel can offer stunning private rooms with views overlooking the lagoon. Make sure you ask for a room overlooking the water, and you will not be disappointed as you wake up and see the city as it is waking up. This hotel will set the scene for a romantic trip to Venice with its lush drapes, chandeliers, lagoon views and outdoor terrace.

2. Palazzina G - Canalside yet quiet

The Palazzina G is a hotel that oozes modern class, and is a hotel that will provide a backdrop for an undeniably stylish getaway. The hotel is located just west of San Marco, but is still fairly close to all of the main tourist sites. This hotel is tucked in behind the Palazzo Grassi art gallery, and the neighbourhood is generally fairly quiet.

Palazzina G has impeccable décor, and it ranges from white and pristine to moody and artistic. The rooms vary greatly, so for the most romantic rooms you would want to request the suites that overlook the Grand Canal. The hotel has a restaurant included and room service throughout the hotel.

3. Oltre il Giardino - A boutique oasis

Oltre il Giardino is a boutique hotel that will offer a small oasis from the rest of the city of Venice. This garden-like bed and breakfast is located just five minutes from the Rialto Bridge, and then another ten minutes away you will find Saint Mark's Basilica. This hotel is a short walk to the Grand Canal, but provides a sanctuary to return to at the end of the day.

This hotel boasts a garden that is the perfect place to have a glass of wine or start the day with breakfast in the sun. Oltre il Giardino is stylish but extremely comfortable, with décor that makes it feel a bit more like home. There are only six rooms in this hotel, so you will be well looked after during your stay in this elegant oasis.

Oltre di Giardino is an intimate getaway and is perfectly located for a romantic break. You will still be close to the main attractions in Venice, but you will have somewhere beautiful to come home to.

4. Corte di Gabriela - Arty

The Corte di Gabriela is a unique hotel that has a great central location, but is somewhat tucked away from the busy city centre. The hotel itself is located close to ferry stops, and is only a fifteen minute walk to the main attractions of the city.

If you want somewhere unique for your romantic getaway, the Corte di Gabriela might be the place for you. Each of the ten rooms are decorated individually, and they all combine historic Venetian architecture and modern art. The décor creates a beautiful balance between style and comfort. You can spend a quiet morning or quiet evening eating and drinking in their wisteria-covered courtyard, and spend your stay in Venice knowing that you will be well-looked after.

5. Boscolo Venezia - Private and peaceful

This lavish hotel is located in the quieter residential area of Cannaregio. It is located about a 25 minute walk away from the main tourist attractions in Venice, but the décor, service and seclusion will make up for this, as well as the free shuttle service to Piazza San Marco.

This hotel boasts the largest private garden in Venice, so it is an incredible sanctuary to come home to after a long day of exploring and fighting the crowds the characterize Venice. The building used to be the French Embassy in Venice and has an elegant feel to the décor. You can feel the Venetian history in the halls, and it feels like you are staying in your own private palace as you walk through the gardens and buildings decorated after the 1700's.

6. Ca' Sagredo Hotel - A palace!

If you have always dreamed of staying in a palace, the Ca' Sagredo hotel might be for you. This palace-like hotel is located right on the Grand Canal, complete with its own dock and within 20 minutes of all the main tourist attractions.

Staying in the Ca' Sagredo hotel is like staying in a private art gallery, where everything is decorated with priceless art works. There are magnificent marble staircases and statues, and the walls are covered in Venetian frescos. The rooms are decorated with elegant frescos and rich brocade fabrics to reflect 15th century Venice, and the bathrooms are all marble. The views from the rooms vary but you can request to look out over rooftops, the inner courtyard, or Campo Santa Sofia. If you are wanting to leave the itinerary up to the staff, you can book complimentary trips out to Murano and Burano, or go with the chef to the Rialto market and take a cooking class with them. There are also events held in the ballroom on site.

7. Ca' San Giorgio hotel - Modern and away from crowds

The Ca' San Giorgio hotel is a modern hotel that has been set up in a 14th century building, and is located about 15 minutes from the Rialto bridge and 10 minutes from the Santa Lucia train station. The hotel itself is located in the Santa Croce district, which close to ferry stops and away from the tourist crowds.

The interior of the hotel is dedicated to welcoming people to Venice- it has classic, atmospheric décor but it also has a homey feel to it. The rooms have high ceilings and wooden beams, and some of the rooms have romantic balconies so you can look out over the streets from the comfort of your own room. The breakfast is generous, and on the ground floor there are tea and coffee making facilities, plus wine in the evenings.

8. The Charming House DD724 - Authentic charm

Named after its location, the Charming House DD724 is located in the Dorsoduro district. This area has all the authentic charm of Venice on its doorstep, while remaining outside of the throngs of tourists that frequent some of the other areas. Close to this hotel you will find famous landmarks such as the Peggy Guggenheim collection, the Accademia and Giudecca canal.

This hotel is in an older building, but the interior is decidedly modern. Each room is decorated individually with shade of white, brown and beige, and the décor makes this hotel very much a boutique accommodation option. The rooms are comfortable, clean and pay attention to detail, as well as providing views for watching Venetian life go by on the streets below.

9. Hotel Antiche Figure - Boutique on a budget

The Hotel Antiche Figure is a boutique hotel that is located right on the edge of the Grand Canal. The hotel is located very close to the main arrival points of the city, whether you are arriving by train, plane or boat.

The hotel itself is in an elegant 15th century palace, and all of the rooms have modern amenities while still retaining the classic Venetian style. The hotel is named after the frescos that depicted ancient figures on the hotel façade up until the 18th century. The rooms are meticulously maintained and the décor means that this 3 star hotel looks a lot lusher than it actually is.

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Venice is the romantic city par excellence, the choice of many hotels and B & Bs in the city is to have a classic decor, in style for the Venetian, with brocades and intense colors.


Surely the Hotel Danieli, very close to Piazza San Marco, famous and rich in history, with the view on the basin is extremely romantic;

Hilton Molino Stucky

Also the Hilton Molino Stucky, of the famous Hilton chain, located on the Giudecca island, with a terrace overlooking the Zattere foundations offers spectacular views and beautiful sunsets.


Another hotel with a terrace near San Marco is the Hotel Flora; needless to say that even all the hotels on the Grand Canal offer perfect settings for a couple's holiday in this beautiful city!

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