Sunset in Venice

Where to catch the sunset in Venice?

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Best places to watch the sunset in Venice

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities on earth, and there is no better way to finish a day of exploring than by finding somewhere to watch the evening sun reflecting off the canals.

San Giorgio Maggiore

The San Giorgio Maggiore church is an easy ferry ride from San Marco, and after exploring the art gallery you can climb to the top of the church and look back over the city. This is a great place to watch the sunset as you get stunning panoramic views of the city, and the church is open until 7pm.

2. Zattere

Zattere is a waterside promenade that is a popular place to wander in the evenings. This would be a great place to grab a gelato and wander as the sun goes down and the lights come on. Come here to watch the lights bouncing off the water, and to see the grand buildings lit up against the night sky after the sun has gone down.

3. Giudecca Island

A short ferry ride away from Zattere, you will find Giudecca Island. This is another waterside promenade that offers stunning views of Saint Mark's Basilica on one side, and views of the sun setting over the canals on the other. Watch the sunset as you look back across to the city of Venice, then wander further down to a find a restaurant to relax in as the lights start to come on.

4. On a gondola

If you take a gondola ride after 7pm it will be a lot more expensive, but if you plan your romantic gondola ride for dusk then you can see the sky changing colour as you glide down the backstreets of this island city. If you are not on the Grand Canal, you will probably not see the sun itself going down, but you will experience a magical and atmospheric gondola ride at this time of day.

5. The Accademia Bridge

There are several bridges that offer views of the Grand Canal, but the Accademia Bridge offers some of the best views of the bustling waterway. Walk across this wooden bridge and watch the sun set over the hub of the city.

6. Murano

Murano is one of the other main islands on the Venetian lagoon, and it is one of the best places to watch the sun set. Walk down the canals, and look back across at the city centre. You will see Fondamente Nuove and Cannaregio against the setting sun.

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At sunset, the sky around Venice is tinged with orange and its palaces and bell towers stand out blacks showing us a breathtaking scenery. The most suitable points to enjoy this view (perhaps in the company of our love), are certainly the highest places in the city, such as the Campanile di San Marco, the terrace of the Molino Stucky or the Scala del Bovolo. Other areas are the Gardens of Sant Elena or the Zattere.

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