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Which are some useful apps for a traveler planning to visit Venice?

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5 Must have apps while visiting Venice

1. Venice Travel Guide (By Ulmon)

The Venice Travel Guide by Ulmon is an app that provides free maps of Venice to help you find your way around the sometimes confusing city. The app is available offline, and has many points of interest and restaurants with user reviews that you can place on the map before you leave your accommodation for the day. This app is would be a good way to orient yourself in the city if you are walking everywhere, and unlike a lot of other apps for Venice, it is completely free.

2. Venice Travel Guide (By mTrip).

The Venice Travel Guide is another map based app, but it comes with a lot more functions. mTrip provide guides for many other cities, and it has an exclusive technology that will plan your itinerary for you. You can select the sites you want to see, and the intensity at which you want to explore, and the app will plan your day for you, including the times it will take to get to each place. The app also has a journal function with photos which you can post to social media, a currency converter included, and it is available offline.

3. Tap Venice Eating

$2.99, only available on iPhone
Tap Venice Eating is Michela Scibilia's guide to eating well in Venice. Good food in Venice can be difficult to come by, so if you want to eat like a local then this would be a good app to have on hand. The eateries are listed in alphabetical order, but you can refine searches based on where you are, what you want, and if you want outdoor seating or kid-friendly restaurants for example. This offline app includes smaller eateries so it will help you get out of the tourist traps and find what you are looking for on the go.

4. Secret Venice

This is an app that is perfect if you want to explore and see more of the beautiful city of Venice than what is on the surface. This app was developed by a person who has a passion for the unusual places in Europe, and gives an overview of some of the secret places, statues, and oddities around the city that you might otherwise have missed. As well as photos, addresses and prices for each of these sites, the app also includes some of Venice's best hidden hotels and unique places to eat and drink.

5. Waterbus Timetable


This is a free app that will help you navigate the water ferries if you are planning on moving by boat rather than on foot. This is an offline map so it is not always reliable for timetables, in which case you would be better to download the AMV Venezia timetables, but the app will give you an idea of the routes and what is close to each stop, which will help you move about the city easier. You could also look at the official AMV Venice app, although this is often not user friendly for tourists.

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Venice is still a city linked to its history and authenticity, so unfortunately there are not many attractions that use mobile and interactive platforms. Surely you can not miss google maps, or any other map application not to get lost in the maze of streets and alleys in the city!

Another useful app can be VeniceTides, which monitors high water levels, to avoid the risk of being without boots at high tide.

Even the ACTV app, which provides all the lines and timetables of the active waterbuses is essential to move without wrong means.

Moreover, VENICE locates all the museums and sites of historical and artistic interest in your area, also useful for establishing an itinerary.

And you can use kiShare to navigate.

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