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What are some of the interesting and romantic things to do in Venice?

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Romantic things to do in Venice

1. Go to Saint Mark's Square when the crowds are gone

Saint Mark's square is one of the most visited attractions in Venice, it is probably not the most romantic spot during the day. If you get up early in the morning while the city is still waking up, you can beat the crowds to the square and experience the square without the crowds.

You could also do the same at night, when all the day time tourists have left. At both times of the day you can experience Saint Mark's in a completely new way and take a romantic stroll with the church lit up against the night sky.

2. Have the Romantic Gondola Experience

Many people believe that enjoying a gondola ride in Venice is a cliché. To keep it interesting, here is how you do it. Find a gondoliere that is down on of the side streets (rather than on the Grand Canal) and ask them to take you down the quieter back streets.

This will be more secluded and give you gorgeous views of the building facades and get away from the crowds a bit. If you go at night it will be more expensive, but if you take a ride at dusk, you will get some seriously romantic lighting as the sun starts to go down

3. Follow Casanova’s Footsteps

Why not have a unique experience and see Venice through the eyes of one of the world’s most famous lovers, Casanova?

Go to Do Spade Bar on Calle de Spade, near the Rialto Bridge. It seems that this is where the extremely loving man conquered his ladies. And the truth is that the wine and the food are so delicious that they create a perfect atmosphere for women to fall in love.

4. Get lost in the back streets

Venice is a city that was made for getting lost in. Put away the maps and go in the opposite direction to the crowds and find some back streets to get lost in. Head to some of the more residential areas like Cannaregio where you will find people just going about their daily lives. Plan an afternoon of walking hand and hand and finding secret places in the backstreets of Venice.

5. Admire the Views from the Tower of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore

Venice is famous for the fascinating views you can admire from certain spots. One of the best views can be enjoyed from the tower of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. The beauty of the city seen from this place is overwhelming and looking at it will get you in a romantic mood in no time.

6. Walk along the waterfront

Nothing says love like walking hand in hand along the waterfront. In Venice there is almost no shortage of walking by the waterfront, but the best place to do this is along the Zattere promenade. Along here you will see many palaces and churches of note, and will find a picturesque walkway both during the day and in the early evening. Get a scoop of gelato and simply wander next to the water.

7. Kiss under the Bridge of Sighs

If you are taking a gondola ride, you should ask your gondoliere to take you under the Bridge of Sighs. This is an iconic bridge that is only accessible if you go through Doge's Palace, but there is a canal that runs underneath it. This is the perfect place for couples, as legend has it that if you kiss while you are going underneath it at sunset while the church bells are tolling, you will have eternal love and happiness.

8. Relax Together on the Giudecca Island

Go to the peaceful and beautiful Giudecca Island. Just sitting and admiring the charming view of the Ducal Palace and Saint Mark's Square while enjoying each other’s presence can make a moment special.

9. Enjoy the Peacefulness in the Torcello Island

Torcello Island is a charming and peaceful area with great spots for picnics and a few moment of tranquility, as well as the chance to get closer to art and history through its old beautiful churches and ancient ruins.

10. Try new food together at the market

You can't go to Italy without indulging in their magnificent food, and Venice is no different. If you head to the area in and around the Rialto Market, you can find some of the best local produce and see locals haggling for the best prices. This area is a great place to try new foods together, so head to one of the surrounding bàcari and try a plate of delicious Venetian snacks that you have never even heard of before.

Try somewhere like Al Merca near the Rialto market, where you can join locals for cheap snacks, decent wine, and a view of the canals.

11. Have dinner looking back at the city

If you want a romantic dinner, you will want to find somewhere with a terrace overlooking the canals. In the summer months this is one of the best ways to enjoy the city, by wining and dining with your loved one while you look at all the lights coming on in the city.

If you are in Venice for a romantic getaway you should go to at least one beautiful restaurant, and if you are looking for one with an outdoor terrace with a view you could try somewhere like Restaurant Terrazza Danieli at the Hotel Danieli.

12. Be part of the crowd at the Al Rema Tavern

If you want somewhere to spend the evening together, consider going to the Al Rema tavern. This is a lively but intimate bar where there is often live music playing and a great atmosphere. The tavern is next to a romantic brick courtyard that opens out onto the Grand Canal. Come here for an evening if you want to be alone, but surrounded by people.

13. Go Mask shopping together

Going mask shopping can turn into an experience in itself if you know where to look for them. Head to somewhere like Ca' del Sol or La Bottega dei Mascareri where you will see people who are making the masks while sitting amongst their weird and wonderful designs. Places like these are treasure troves and it will be a fun excursion exploring these together.

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One of the best ways to plan a romantic getaway in Venice is to book accommodation in a private apartment. After a long day of exploring you can come back to your own private sanctuary, cook for each other using fresh ingredients you have bought form the markets, and look down at the world going by. For an extra romantic stay, find somewhere with a balcony or next to the water.

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One of the most romantic things to do in Venice with your boyfriend is simply walking observing the wonders that are presented around every step. Especially in the evening, Venice becomes magical, thanks to the reflections of the waters of the canals.

The gondola ride is another unmissable experience, even if a little expensive. In summer the sunset is very impressive as seen from the Zattere and, even if the sea is not exceptional, a day on the beach at the Lido is always very relaxing.

If in the evening you want to give a drink hand in hand there is no better place than the Mercante, a little more expensive than the other bacari, it offers a home environment, with soft lights, certainly the most unique drinks in Venice.

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