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What to do in Venice at Night? We are looking for some great offbeat ideas

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Best Things to Do in Venice at Night

Venice is not known for its nightlife scene. There is a serious lack of casinos and big dance clubs. The idea of a good night out in Venice is to relax with your loved ones, take a stroll, have something great to eat and share drinks. Here are some interesting things to do at night in Venice.

1. Wander around Saint Mark’s Square

Saint Mark’s Square is a great place to spend your evenings at while you are in Venice. Full of excited people who listen to the fantastic orchestras while sipping delicious Italian wine, Saint Mark’s Square offers both locals and travelers an irresistible magic atmosphere.
Whether you chose to take a sit and have a delicious drink at one of the terraces in the square, or just wander around the plaza and listen to all the orchestras, you will have a perfect evening. And if you feel like dancing, don’t let anything stop you! Dancing there is actually encouraged!

In case you decide to sit and have a glass of wine, you should definitely go to the famous Caffé Florian. It might be among the most expensive places, but it is the oldest café bar in Venice. The products are mouthwatering, the service flawless and the orchestra is absolutely amazing. This experience will definitely enhance your evening and your whole stay in Venice!

2. Have a Tasty Drink at Harry’s Bar

Caffé Florian is not the only famous place in Venice. Actually, Harry’s Bar, opened by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1931, is even more popular since here were invented a well-known dish and a really prominent cocktail. I am talking about the delicious Bellini, named after the great Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini and made of sparkling Prosecco and tasty white peach juice, and about the mouthwatering Beef Carpaccio, which was initially created for an Italian countess who was on a diet free of cooked meat.

Now, thanks to the incredible success, there are other celebrated ‘Harry’s Bars’ around the world, but the one in Venice will always be the most famous of them all.
Some of its famous patrons were, Charlie Chaplin, Peggy Guggenheim, Woody Allen and Ernest Hemingway, so, there is no doubt you should have at least one drink here!

3. Attend an Amazing Vivaldi Concert

Locals and travelers have the chance to enjoy traditional Vivaldi concerts all over Venice. Since this is his hometown, Vivaldi is for Venice what Mozart is for Salzburg and Strauss for Vienna. So, you shouldn’t be wondering why there are so many posters advertising Vivaldi concerts in this beautiful city.

If you want to attend one of these amazing concerts, you don’t have to go through too much hassle. The ticket can be bought on the same day, so you don’t have to plan ahead. Just keep in mind that musicians who wear black-and-white suits are the most talented performers, while those who wear wigs will offer the best show. Now, choose wisely!

4. Enjoy an Unforgettable Performance at Teatro La Fenice

Teatro La Fenice (The Phoenix) was designed in 1790, became famous in the 19th century and hosted an impressive number of fascinating works. Some of the best premieres were held behind this theatre’s old doors. Works signed by Giuseppe Verdi or Gioachino Rossini had their premieres in this charming theatre.
If you plan to have an unforgettable experience, check out the Teatro La Fenice website, find out more info about the performances available, and book your ticket!

5.Have a Unique Experience at Music a Palazzo

Opera is another option you have if you want to enjoy an amazing evening in Venice. Musica a Palazzo offers a unique operatic experience in the charming Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto. What makes it special is the fact that each act takes place in a different room of the palace, and the audience follows the performers from one place to the other.

As mentioned above, Venice is not a city for people who want to party all night. But, as you can see, it is one of those cities that create an overwhelming ambience with their incredible number of interesting things to do. The great parts are that you have plenty activities to choose from and that each of them can enhance your nights in Venice in a really unique manner.

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Venice is one of those cities that, even though they come alive when the sun goes down, they fall asleep by midnight. So, if you plan to have a wild holiday, with many parties and dancing, Venice is definitely not a good destination for you.

Though it hosts two well-known universities and it’s full of young students, the city is the perfect place for people who want a peaceful, romantic vacation.

Now, don’t imagine that there are no bars or clubs because that is far from being true. There are many bars, some even famous, and there is also a small disco club in the Dorsoduro district. It is called “Piccolo Mondo” (small world) and it is a hip place with good music. There are also some chic clubs in the mainland, and you can attend one of the Wednesday parties held in some clubs and bars in Venice. Just keep in mind that most of the people you will find here are young students.

Hard Rock Cafe Venice
For the rest of Venice’s inhabitants, a regular evening involves dinner and wine in an “osteria” or a “Bacarao Tour”. This refers to eating and drinking in several wine-bars, which are called bacari. Some locals have an interesting habit: they meet in two popular places, Campo Santa Margherita in Dorsoduro or “Erbaria”, near the Rialto Bridge, have drinks and socialize with their friends or mingle around.

And if you are visiting Venice in June or July, you can enjoy one of the many popular parties held in the city’s lovely squares. Known as “Sagra”, these celebrations gather both locals and travelers who eat, drink and enjoy the lovely live music.

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Relax with a Spritz

From the aperitif time onwards (around 6 pm) the fields and the bacari of Venice are populated by boys and gentlemen who, after completing their daily activities, relax sipping spritz and Ombre (glasses of red or white wine in 1 €).

Hang out with locals at Erabria

The main places where the inhabitants are gathered are the Erbaria (very close to Rialto), the foundations of Misericordia (with the more traditional banks) and Campo Santa Margherita (populated mostly by young people and students).

Being a historical center, not to disturb the rest of the inhabitants, the bars of Venice are forced to close around 1am. Beyond that hour, you can go dancing at the Piccolo Mondo (small disco near Campo Santa Margherita with entrance fee) or Billiards (a local near the Ponte delle Guglie where you can play billiards or table football , dancing and smoking).

For late nights head to the mainland

For the more revelers there are also real discos and large venues where there are several concerts, but to reach them you have to cross the bridge that connects Venice to the mainland. In fact, in the surroundings of Marghera and Mestre, which can be reached all night by bus leaving from Piazzale Roma, by tram or by car, are: the Rivolta social center, the Tag Club, Argo16 and Forte Marghera (a park where, above all in spring or summer, numerous concerts take place).

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