Souvenir shopping in Venice

What to bring back from Venice? Which are the popular Venice souvenirs that I could buy at Venice?

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Souvenirs to buy at Venice

Besides amazing art museums, charming churches, impressive historical spots, and cosy Italian restaurants, Venice’s streets are packed with inviting shops, offering travelers the chance to fill their bags with an amalgam of interesting souvenirs.

1. The Unique Venetian Masks

Masks for sale in Venice
Masks are a huge part of Venetian tradition, and you will be faced by them in nearly every souvenir shop you go to. Venetian masks are a tradition that is centuries old, where people would wear these colourful, Baroque style masks to hide their identity and social status so that they could interact with people more freely during events like Carnival.

Masks serve as an exquisite souvenir. Venice is full of shops that sell carnival masks, but if you want a qualitative product you should go to an authorized shop. “Ca’ Macana” is a local legit shop full of beautiful and well-crafted masks. Maybe you will spend 5 Euro more, but you will help the local craftsmanship survive and you will obtain a quality product.Check it out and find the perfect mask for you!

2. Exquisite Marbled Paper

Beautiful Venice is also well-known all over the world for producing amazing marble paper, silk and velvet. If you plan to go home with some exquisite marble paper, check out Rubelli shop. You will definitely not regret shopping at Rubelli because not only does it offer incredible products, but they are also fairly priced.

3. Traditional Murano Glass

Murano glassware in Murano
Whether you want to have a lamp, a vase, or one of the many kinds of small objects made of the famous Murano glass, this is the time to buy it. Just make sure you avoid the Chinese shops and go directly where Murano comes from and where there are many traditional glass shops, the Murano Island.

If you want something small, creative, and reasonably priced, try out the first floor of the Marco Polo shop. If you want something really small go look for "Venetian Pearls" (small glass beads) at a place like Anticlea.

4. Charming Gondola-Themed Souvenirs

If you’re looking for a gondola-themed souvenir, Bottega Tramontin Gondola in Dorsoduro is the right place to visit. Not only will this charming family-owned store show you what family tradition means, but it will also give you the chance to choose from many interesting gondola-themed wooden gorgeous objects. This family carries on a legacy of true gondolas makers and they still do it nowadays at the famous “Squero di San Trovaso”.

5. Authentic Gondolier Costumes and Hats

Gondoliere costume

Everybody knows what the famous gondoliers wear, even if they have never been to Venice. If a gondola-themed souvenir is not enough and you want such a lovely costume, you should go to the clothing shop “Emilio Ceccato”, located near the steps of Rialto Bridge. There you can find the typical gondolier uniforms as well as the famous gondolier hats.

6. Interesting Books

One of the most beautiful and unique bookstores in the world is in Venice, and it is called the “Libreria Acqua Alta”. Besides the amazing books it sells, this bookstore also has an interesting way of keeping its products. All books are in bathtubs and boats, in order to be protected from the constant flooding. You will see a gondola filled with books and a staircase made of large old books overlooking the canal.

7. Wine

If you have spent any time in Venice, you have probably discovered the beauty of drinking at bacari. If you want to take Venice home in a bottle, you might be in the market for some of their local wines. Places like Bottiglieria Colonna will put together packs of wine for you to take back with you (note that they sometimes add in things from other parts of Italy, so make sure to specify if you want something Venetian). You could also try a place like Nave de Oro where you can bring empty wine bottles to be filled with local wine for less than €3.

8. Unique handmade clothing

Italy is an incredibly fashionable place, but in Venice you can buy clothes that have a positive social impact. If you go to Banco Lotto No. 10, you will find beautiful and colourful clothing hand-sewn by female inmates in Venice's prison. This is a social rehabilitation effort, and you can buy unique clothes, handbags and accessories made from beautiful silk and velvet materials. You can also find products made in the prison in the funky store across the street called Bragora.

9. Made-to-fit shoes

Florence is generally the place to buy good quality leather, but in Venice there is a hidden gem where you can buy quality, made-to-fit shoes. Head over to Giovanna Zanella's boutique shoe shop, where you will find unique leather shoes that are inspired by the colours and feelings of Venice's famous Carnevale. You can expect something unique and comfortable, and expertly crafted out of leather, velvets and plastics.

10. Handmade wooden puzzles

Instead of a small statue of the famous landmarks in Venice, why not get a beautifully crafted handmade puzzle? At Signor Blum, you can get a hand-crafted and painted wooden puzzle of the most famous landmarks in Venice, and the owner will also make different designs on order if he does not have what you are looking for.

11. Pasta

You have probably already eaten enough pasta to last you a lifetime during your trip to Italy, but if you want to continue discovering Italian cuisine when you get home, you could buy pasta as a souvenir in Venice. Giacomo Rizzo is a family-run shop that is in the business of hand-making pasta, and here you can buy different brightly coloured pastas, as well as pasta in the shape of a gondola!

12. A map of Venice

If you want a unique souvenir from Venice you could find a map of the city. From above, the cluster of islands looks like a fish! You can find free maps in most hostels and tourist centres, and in the many paper stores around the city.

And if none of these interest you, the large number of souvenir kiosks available in Venice will definitely have something you want. Whether you are looking for postcards, key chains, pens, T-shirts or any other typical souvenirs you will find everything you can think of. Enjoy your shopping session!

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The most classic souvenirs to buy in Venice, are certainly the Venetian masks that portray the characters of the commedia dell'arte. Near Rialto, in Calle dei Boteri, there is a shop that has built the masks of the film Eyes Wide Shut! Unfailing are the colorful and highly detailed glass animals created by master glassmakers in the shops scattered throughout Venice, which have remained unchanged. The murrine are fantastic glass objects with wonderful decorations that were invented right here, more precisely in Murano. Even the classic Burano laces are prestigious souvenirs.

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