Is day trip to Dolomites worthwhile?

Is it worthwhile to go to Dolomites as a day trip from Venice?

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Dolomites is a great trip idea from Venice!

The multi-colored Dolomites are the magnificent rocky mountains located in the north-eastern part of Italy, and they offer a magnificent change of scenery from the canals of Venice. While these mountains are not an obvious day trip, it is possible to visit some of the best parts of the Dolomites along with your Venice holiday, if you plan in advance.

Where to visit in the Dolomites


Bolzano is located in the South Tyrol region and it is an excellent gateway into the area. It has been name an UNESCO World Heritage Site for its stunning alpine scenery, and in the city itself there is a rich history to discover. You will love the multicolored houses and the mix of Austro-Hungarian-Italian culture of the region. There are also a number of castles, museums, and mansions.

Cortina D'Ampezzo

Another place you could go is the famous Cortina D'Ampezzo a stunning alpine town nestled beneath the Dolomites. This town is a haven for skiers and snowboarders during the winter, and then people coming to enjoy the alpine hikes in the summer.

Cortina d'Ampezzo is a fashionable place but it is welcoming to everyone from celebrities to regular holidaymakers. Corso Italia is the central street where you can people watch and windowshop.


If you want a city that is nestled in the mountains you could head to Belluno, another alpine city not far away from Venice that offers a base for several hikes and many outdoor adventure activities.

The city is on a small flat hill between two rivers, so you will get some beautiful nature views. The town centre has stunning old Venetian architecture, and the central Piazza dei Martiri has lovely cafes and shops.

How to plan a Dolomites trip from Venice

Driving is best

All of these places can be reached by public transport from Venice, but a trip into the mountains will almost always be easier if you are driving yourself. If you take public transport you will probably only be able to visit one place, so it is best to rent a car in Venice and do it yourself.

Or take a tour

Otherwise there are plenty of tour groups that will take the stress out of the trip and drive you through some of the main alpine areas before heading back to Venice in the evening.

Try and spend a night

It is possible to visit the Dolomites as a day trip, but ideally you would want to spend at least one night in the area to break up the driving and to have some time to hike or explore the towns before driving back to Venice the next day.

Many reasons to visit Dolomites

The Landscapes

Obviously one of the best things about visiting the Dolomite region is the breathtaking alpine landscapes. If you are driving through you will see dramatic cliff faces, cute alpine towns, and mountains dominating the skyline.

The Hiking

The alpine region offers stunning hiking trails across the landscapes, and there are options for both skilled mountaineers and people who simply want to wander and enjoy the alpine air.

The Adventure

The Dolomite region is every adventure lover's paradise. Here you can access skiing and snowboarding, hiking, climbing, and adrenaline seeking activities like hang-gliding.

The Alpine Towns

Under the Dolomites and across the region you will find many small alpine towns, each with their own atmosphere and access to the region. In Cortina you will have snow sports on the doorstep, in places like Selva di Cadore you can stay at very high altitudes, and in Bolzano you can experience the town's rich history and culture while still being surrounded by mountains.

The Heights

If you are heading into the mountains you can expect to get high up, and the general rule is that anywhere over 2,000 metres will give you absolutely stunning views. If you don't want to walk or drive up, there are cable cars throughout the area that will take you up to look out over the region.

The Mountains themselves

One of the most magnificent sights in area is the Dolomite mountains themselves. The thing that makes these mountains so unique is that they are a brilliant white, and as the sun moves across the sky the mountains change from orange to purple to pink - they cannot be missed!

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The Dolomites are beautiful mountains and so I think it is worth visiting them, even if only for a day, but in my opinion, it is only convenient if we are in possession of a car. The journey, in fact, from Venice to Cortina, is about 2 hours by car.

If we want to wake up very early, in the winter season we can go skiing in these wonderful mountains. In the summer we can start with more calm and go to these mountains to take some nice walks.

I recommend to visit the Cinque Torri area, which is a small mountain complex belonging to the Nuvolau group, within the Ampezzo Dolomites (chain of the eastern Dolomites), north-west of San Vito di Cadore and southwest of Cortina d'Ampezzo. Here you can walk, hike and is a great place for those who love climbing.

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