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Any suggestions on quiet and romantic places to propose in Venice?

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Here are 15 romantic places in Venice where you can propose to your sweetheart:

1. Looking out from Punta della Dogana

On the end of the island, with a magnificent view of San Giorgio Maggiore church in the background, Punta della Dogana is a super romantic place to propose. Here you will have the Grand and Giudecca Canals surrounding you, and you can propose looking out at the lagoon. Take the short ferry ride out to San Giorgio Maggiore afterwards for sweeping vistas of the city.

2. At the top of San Giorgio Maggiore

If you want to be looking down from the church instead of using it as a backdrop, you could take the ferry out to San Giorgio Maggiore to propose with a bird's eye view of the city. Wander through the churches art gallery before taking the elevator to the top of the tower. The church is open until 7pm in summer so you could time it for when the sun is starting to set over the city.

3. On a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs

You are probably planning a romantic gondola ride during your trip to Venice-why not make it extra special? Plan to go either very early in the day or at dusk so that the canals are relatively quiet, and ask if your gondoliere can take you under the Bridge of Sighs - legend has it that if couples kiss as they are going under the bridge at sunset then they will have eternal love and happiness.

4. On the Lido beach

Just across the lagoon from the main island in Venice you will find the sand bar called Lido. This is a great place to relax and escape from the city, but you could consider proposing on one of the beaches such as Alberoni beach right at the end of the island. This combination of sea and sand is a classic backdrop for a perfect proposal, and it is only a short ferry ride away.

5. In a rooftop restaurant

One of the best places for rooftop dining in Venice is Restaurant Terrazza Danieli at the Hotel Danieli. Wine and dine your sweetheart looking out over the canals from their gorgeous outdoor terrace, and propose with the lights of Venice behind you.

6. While exploring the city at night

One of the best things about Venice is simply walking around, so why not wander and get lost with your loved one, and find the perfect spot to spontaneously propose. One of the most romantic places to wander at night is Zattere, the waterfront promenade that offers beautiful views of the stunning palaces and lights bouncing off the canals. Walk hand in hand admiring the lights and simply pick the right moment.

7. On the Accademia Bridge

This is one of the most picturesque bridges in Venice (besides the Rialto bridge), and offers some of the best views of the Grand Canal. This would be a good place to propose if you are planning it for the evening as you will not find this bridge empty during the day. Make it a truly Venetian proposal with the iconic canals in the background.

8. In Saint Mark's Square

This might seem like the last place you would want to propose to someone, with its large crowds and tourist attractions, but if you get up early enough or stay out late enough the crowds eventually disperse. Get to the square before the city wakes up, or come back when the Basilica is lit up and all the day-time tourists have all left. The Basilica is spectacular, and the square offers a superbly romantic backdrop if you can get there at the right time.

9. Head to one of the islands

Take a day trip to one of the surrounding islands to find a romantic backdrop for your proposal. Head somewhere like the island of Burano where you will find picturesque walkways and colourful doll-like houses to set the scene for a unique proposal. You will still have the classic canals that characterize Venice, but will probably have less people around and lots of quiet backstreets for taking photos.

10. Go to the Casa Goldoni courtyard

The Goldoni museum is dedicated to one of the most famous Italian playwrights, and it is displayed in the house that he was born. This location offers romantic lights coming down through the rafters into a quiet brick courtyard, with a beautiful arches and bannisters. Consider coming here if you want something a bit quieter.

11. Look back across to Venice from Giudecca

If you go to the Giudecca Island you can find another promenade to wander down and find the perfect place to propose with the water as a backdrop. This place offers views across the canal back towards the Ducal palace and Saint Mark's Square. After this you can walk back past the boat stop and find a romantic outdoor restaurant to enjoy a glass of the local wine together while looking across to the city of Venice.

12. In the quiet back streets of the city

If you just want to find a perfect Venetian moment, take a wander through the winding backstreets in neighbourhoods like Cannaregio or Castello where there are a lot less tourists and a lot more Venetians just going about their everyday life. Here you will probably find classic streets, smaller bridges, or home-style restaurants to help you create the moment for yourself.

13. At the Al Rema Tavern

This is a little tavern that is tucked away in the back streets, but it has a romantic brick courtyard that opens on to the Grand Canal. Consider coming here to propose if you are imagining something that is lively but intimate, with the tavern and the live music as a backdrop. Come here for the evening and finish by proposing in the midst of the music.

14. Get a room with a view

If you are planning a romantic weekend to Venice, a great idea is to rent your own private apartment to come back to after a day of exploring. You could create your own proposal spot by renting an apartment that has a balcony overlooking the canals or the streets of Venice, buying local cuisine and flowers at the markets, and spending the evening in your own little sanctuary with a glass of the city's best local wine. Do your research ahead of time and make your own romantic proposal spot.

15. Over dinner at Bistrot de Venise

If you are looking for a classic restaurant to propose in, consider going somewhere like Bistrot de Venise. Find a table outside in the early evening to set the mood and watch the world go by while you wine and dine together before proposing.

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A popular idea

Your gondola ride is definitely the most suitable moment to amaze you with a nice proposal !! The frame of the stately buildings and the rustling of the water will accompany the moment and make it unforgettable. It is also possible to have the help of the gondolier, who on request can act as a musical accompaniment with typical Venetian songs.

A quieter idea

Otherwise, another recommended location is the quiet area of Sant'Elena, located after the gardens, an area still completely authentic and not very popular, here, at sunset, the view of the lagoon is painted a thousand colors.

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