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1. Look for the lions

Get the kids looking up and around at their surroundings by getting them to look for the city's iconic lions. The lion has been a symbol of the city since the year AD 828. The lions are an icon for the city's patron saint and founder, Saint Mark.

Start by finding the stone lion in the square next to Saint Mark's. There are both winged and non-winged lions everywhere in the city, and the winged lions either have open books in their paws, for when the city was a at peace, or closed books for when the republic was at war.

2. Make venetian masks

Venice is known for its beautiful masks, so consider going and learning how to make your own rather than buying one. Take the kids to a class at Ca' Macana, or to Arte al Sole that offers a kids-only art programme. Let the kids get their hands dirty and get a closer look at the history of these iconic masks.

3. Go explore Il Labirinto

Take a day trip to Brenta Canal and let the kids run through one of the world's most difficult hedge mazes at Villa Pisani! This is a great outing if you want to let the kids run wild for a little while and get out of the city. There are guards up above that will help people if they get extremely lost, but it is probably better to hold on tight to smaller children!

4. Go watch glass blowing

If you take a day trip to the island of Murano, you can see its famous glass blowing demonstrations. This is an easy ferry ride away from the main city and offers something else to see besides iconic canals and beautiful bridges.

5. Go to the beach

Just across the lagoon from the main city of Venice is the Lido island and beach. If you have time and want to get out of the city, take the kids for a relaxing day on the beach. This would be a great way to escape some of the crowds and have an afternoon without an itinerary.

6. Go to the Rialto Markets

The Rialto Markets are an exciting place to experience local cuisine. For the more adventurous children, many vendors will let you taste test their wares - let the kids experience a true taste of Venice! It is also a good place to go if you want to pick up some cheap colourful souvenirs from the region.

7. See the city from the top

It is always exciting to see a city from up high, so take the kids up the elevator to the top of the bell tower for a bird's eye view of the city. Alternatively, take the ferry across the canal to the San Giorgio Maggiore church for more spectacular views looking back across the water.

8. Go to the Peggy Guggenheim collection

Not all galleries are great for kids, but this collection has a large range of weird and wonderful works from the 20th century that will keep the kids entertained. There is also an outside patio area where kids can have a run around.

9. Cruise down the Grand Canal

The most iconic part of Venice are the many canals that connect all the tiny islands, and a great way to see the city is to jump on a ferry and cruise down the Grand Canal. The number 1 ferry will cruise through the city, and to make it a little more magical you could take the ferry at night to see the lights of the city as you go through.

10. Go on a gondola ride

No trip to Venice would be complete with a gondola ride through the many canals. Jump on a gondola to explore the winding back streets of Venice and relax as you cruise through the water.

11. Explore the creepy rooms in Doge's palace

Consider immersing yourself in the lavish halls of Doge's palace- then taking an extended tour that will let the kids see the creepy cells beneath. This tour offers a unique insight into the medieval justice system and the life of the man who used to rule the area (although the longer tour might be a bit boring for younger children).

12. Take a picnic to Giardini Pubblici

If you want somewhere to relax and take a picnic, consider going to the Giardini Pubblici with the kids. Here you can find swing sets, flowers beds, sculptures and faux grottoes to use as a backdrop for lunch.

13. Get gelato and walk along the waterfront

If you have not already had enough ice cream to last you a lifetime, you could all get gelato and wander down by the waterfront. Try somewhere like Gelateria Nico before heading along the Zattere promenade.

14. Take a ghost tour

If your kids aren't afraid of the dark, consider taking them on a watery ghost tour. Your tour guide will take your through Venice's districts on his boat and tell stories of murder and mystery, guaranteed to keep everyone on the edge of their seat! There are also different tours on foot if you prefer to walk, and both will offer a unique insight into some of Venice's darker history.

15. Keep the kids engaged with a Venetian scavenger hunt

There are many things that make Venice a unique city, so a good way to keep the kids engaged as you wander and explore this beautiful place is to make a scavenger hunt for them to tick off throughout the day. Get them to find things like the lions with closed books in their paws, a water ambulance, a bride in a gondola, a water well tucked away in the neighbourhoods, and any number of other landmarks that characterize this watery city.

16. Visit some of the outer islands

You might consider going out to some of the other islands on the Venetian Lagoon. Islands like Murano have wonderful glass blowing demonstrations, and islands like Burano and Torcello are beautiful and have a lot less crowds on them.

17. Go to Il Labirinto

If you need a break from the city centre, consider going to the Brenta Canal, where you will find the world's most difficult hedge maze. Hold on to any smaller children as it can be difficult to find them if they wander off!

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Venice with children can sometimes be difficult, with strollers it is in fact sometimes difficult to move between the crowds and bridges.

The main attraction for children, present in the city is the Museum of Natural History, located at the Fondaco dei Turchi. This museum, part of the Venetian Museum Complex, has spaces especially dedicated to children, with interactive games that explain the lagoon microcosm and all its flora and fauna. It is certainly the ideal place to spend a carefree afternoon with your children!

Positive side of Venetian life is the absence of cars, children can then roam free in the many Venetian squares, where you can play with local children who usually find themselves in these areas equipped with balloons, scooters and bicycles.

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