Venice with teenagers

How to plan a holiday in Venice with teenagers

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Venice is one of the most iconic and romantic cities in Italy, and it will be a highlight even for your teenagers with a little planning. Here is a list of 12 things you can do if you are travelling to Venice with teens:

1. Go to the top of the bell tower

Take the elevator to the top of Venice's bell tower for stunning panoramic views of the city. Unlike many towers in Italy, they won't even have to climb any stairs to get some of the best views in Venice.

2. Secret Itineraries tour in Doge's Palace

Doge's palace is an iconic example of gothic architecture and this museum should not be missed when visiting the beautiful city of Venice. Consider going on the Secret Itineraries tour so that you can discover the "hidden treasures" that are not open to the general public

3. Shop in the Rialto Markets

Let your teenagers loose in the famous Rialto markets for the morning. This is a great place to wander, experience local food, and shop for Venetian souvenirs. Make sure you walk across the iconic Rialto Bridge while you are there!

4. Cross the canal to San Giorgio Maggiore

If you have not had enough of museums and beautiful city vistas, cross the canal to the San Giorgio Maggiore church. Here you can see more stunning art collections and then go to the top of the tower to look back over the canals to the city of Venice. This attraction is open until 7pm in summer so you can plan your visit for sunset and get even more magnificent views.

5. Eat gelato

No trip to Italy is complete without eating your weight in gelato. Try somewhere like Gelateria Nico and eat ice cream while you wander along the Zattere promenade by the water. For extra atmosphere, come here after dinner to see the palaces lit up for the night.

6. Go to the Peggy Guggenheim museum

There are several museums worth going to see in Venice, but the Peggy Guggenheim collection offers weird and wonderful art from the 20th century. It is definitely worth dedicating an hour or so for your teenagers to explore and appreciate this fantastic display.

7. Go down the Grand Canal

One of the best ways to see Venice from a slightly different perspective is to cruise down the Grand Canal. You can simply get on the number 1 ferry that will take you down the principle canal in Venice so you can relax and see the sights from the water.

8. Find Venetian mask shops

One of the most well-known icons in Venice are the beautiful and intricate masks that are made for Carnevale. Instead of buying masks in the extensive markets, find some of the more authentic mask shops where you can sometimes see artists working amongst their wares. Try somewhere like Ca' del Sol or La Bottega dei Mascareri for a magical mask experience

9. Take a day trip to the other islands

If you have the time you could consider going to some of the outer islands in the Venetian lagoon. Popular day trips include going to the island of Murano where you can watch glass blowing demonstrations, and the island of Burano where you will find picturesque colourful houses lining the Venetian-like canals. These islands are an easy ferry ride away and will provide an escape from the centre city.

10. Let them go wandering

One of the best past-times in Venice is to simply go wandering. Get everybody in their best walking shoes and simply start moving - you will soon discover the magical back streets of this beautiful city and see a bit more of the local way of life (which people often forget exists in this tourist-laden city). It is difficult to find accurate maps of these areas, so it is probably a good idea to be able to find your way back to places like Saint Mark's Square or Rialto Bridge.

11. Go to the beach

If you want an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, take the ferry across to the Lido sand spit. You can spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach and taking time out from a full itinerary of sightseeing.

12. Take a gondola ride

This is sometimes an overdone tourist attraction in Venice, but it really is part of the Venetian experience. Gondolas can take up to six people, so load the family into a gondola and ask your gondoliere to take you through the quiet back street canals. This is an iconic experience that your teenagers will probably not forget.

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Venice is a city of humanity, perfectly walkable and so it is easy to meet people. The camps are therefore transformed into fundamental meeting points where, especially young people and students, they learn to interact with each other, both in the amusement and entertainment sectors and in culture.

It is common to come across young people who, sitting in a circle on the ground, discuss important issues, or play their instruments together. Interactions with foreigners or tourists are always well accepted in these groups.

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