Where to eat in Venice on a budget ?

Any recommendation on restaurants and street food in Venice? Where to eat in Venice on a budget?

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6 ways to eat on a budget in Venice

1. Eat cicchetti, local-style

Cicchetti is the Venetian version of tapas, and it is a delicious and inexpensive way to fill up and save money. This type of dining is popular with both locals and tourists, and you can try a large range of different foods at all hours of the day. These are mostly sold at small bars or bàcari as they are called, and you will have the most range of choice if you are eating just before the lunch rush, or during the aperitivo hours in the evening. You can feast on bite-sized portions of local seafood, meats, and a lot of different fried foods, all washed down with local wine that starts at about €1 a glass.

Where to go: Try somewhere like Al Merca, a small but popular wine bar located right next to the Rialto Markets. This hole-in-the-wall bar serves up a simple but delicious range of cichetti, as well as regional wines by the glass. To drink like a real Venetian try a spritz - a drink made up of white wine, your choice of an aperitif, and topped off with soda water.

2. Pick up pizza by the slice

Like most of Italy, you can by pizza by the slice for a quick and easy meal on a budget. You will find many pizzerias throughout the city, so you will never be too far away from a cheap meal.

Where to go: One of the best pizzerias in Venice is Antico Forno. This restaurant is easy to miss as it is squeezed between two other shops, but it is worth seeking it out for a delicious slice of this Italian favourite.

3. Eat away from the major tourist areas

Venice is one of the most visited cities in Italy and always has large crowds, and the restaurants in Venice have moved to accommodate this. The restaurants that are close to places like Saint Mark's Square can get away with serving relatively tasteless food for exuberant prices that take advantage of people who want something quick and easy as they move through the city.

Where to go: Head away from areas like San Marco and San Polo and head into the residential areas like Cannaregio or Castello. Here you can temporarily escape the crowds that descend on the city and find Venetians just going about their daily lives. Hotels in these areas often serve excellent local food at much more honest prices than the busier areas.

4. Don't sit down

The easiest way to save a bit of money when eating out in Venice (and all of Italy) is to stand at the bar. Locals almost never eat or drink sitting down if they are on the move as you wait longer and pay higher prices to be seated at a table. Drink your espresso and prosecco at the bar if you can!

Where to go: Most locals will find a quick bite to eat and catch up with friends at the many bàcari around the city, and the best ones are usually down side streets away from busier tourist areas.

5. Enjoy the street food of Venice

Venice has become a paradise for street food lovers. While you are visiting you should definitely try Mozzarella in Carrozza - a classic fried mozzarella cheese sandwich. You can also find a large range of fried fish, fried polenta, and battered vegetables, all of which will rival street food from other cities around Italy.

Where to go: There are many little snack shops all around the city, but there has been a revival around the Rialto and Campo San Polo areas. Go and seek out something delicious and cheap, all served up in little paper cones for you to take away and keep exploring.

6. Buy food in the markets

The Rialto markets are probably on your list of things to explore in the city anyway, and they offer up a huge range of local produce and seafood. This is one of the oldest markets in the world, and is still frequented by many locals. Come here to experience the exhilarating atmosphere of this busy market, and mingle with the locals trying to grab the best bargains for the freshest produce.

Where to go: These markets are located next to the iconic Rialto Bridge, and would be a great place to go food shopping if you are staying in an apartment or a hostel with a kitchen you can use.

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If we do not want to spend too much and we are careful not to fall into the classic tourist trap, Venice can offer us lunches and dinners really good and cheap. The areas to avoid, if we do not want to remain "plucked" are Rialto and especially San Marco.

Areas where you can find local restaurants, taverns or bacari that offer good local food at reasonable prices is la Misericordia (The Timon, Paradiso Perduto, Rioba ...). Near Santa Marta instead we find Codroma and other inexpensive inns.

Venice is also famous for its street food, such as fried takeaway fish (Aqua and Corn) or sandwiches (Toletta, Tiziano). Every five minutes of walking we will meet in a pizza restaurant to cut, where you can taste slices of pizza, usually at a price of € 2 each. One of the cheapest ways to eat is also to buy food in supermarkets, which abound in Venice.

At San Polo, I recommend Le Do Spade, the Ruga and the Ciurma. Near the Basilica dei Frari there is a small bar called Nomboli, famous for its special sandwiches.

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