Cheap gondola ride in Venice

Any tips on how to save money while engaging  gondola in Venice?

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Venice is full of gondola stations and that makes travelers believe that rides aren’t expensive. However, enjoying a gondola ride is far from being cheap.

1. Know the official rates

  • €80 for up to 6 people for a 40-minute ride,€40 for every additional 20 minutes
  • After 7pm : €100 ($130) for 40 minutes, €50 for each additional 20 minutes.

2. Go before 7pm

If you are wanting a romantic starlit gondola ride, it will cost you an extra €20 to take a ride after 7pm. Instead you could try going at dusk, where the lighting is still romantic, and you can still see the houses, canals and historic sites as you go past. For an unforgettable intimate ride, look for your gondola near the Academia Bridge.

3. Go in a group

Gondolas can hold up to six people and it does not change the price, so you could save money by going in a group and splitting the ticket

4. Know the price and duration before you get on board

Although the tickets are standardized, some gondoliers will still negotiate (although this could result in a ride shorter than the standard 40 minutes). Make sure you know the price and time BEFORE you get on!

5. No need to prebook

There are many gondola stations all along the canals. You do not need to make any advance reservations. You have to make an advance booking, only if you want special service like musicians to accompany you.

6. Go on a traghetto

A traghetto is a gondola-like, mini taxi that ferries people across the canal. If you are just wanting to get close to the water and experience being in a gondola, this will only cost you €2. You can also cruise down the Grand Canal on the number 1 ferry if you just want to see the city from the water

7. Know here to complain

If you feel you are cheated, call Ente Gondola, the body that regulates gondolieres on . +39-041-528-5075

Gondola ride could be expensive bit a definite must-do
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A 25-minute gondola ride has an average cost of € 80. The best way to save money is to group as many as possible, you can now use an application on your smartphone that allows you to get in touch with other people to share gondolas or water taxis: do not forget to download kiShare!

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