Where to stay in Granada

We have finally arrived at an itinerary that has two days in Granada. Where to stay in Granada - any specific neighborhood? We prefer mid range hotels with character.

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Best Areas to stay in Granada

Stay within Alhambra complex

If you want to stay within Alhambra complex, your choice is limited. You have to choose between the expensive but grand Parador de Granada hotel and the more modest Hotel America. If you can afford it, Hotel Parador de Granada is definitely the best place to stay in Granada.

Stay at Plaza Nueva

You should look at hotels in and around Plaza Nueva . if you choose to stay at Plaza Nueva, you will be close to all attractions, restaurants, bars and pubs. Plaza Isabel La Catolica, bus terminus for Granada tourist buses is just a block west of Plaza Nueva.

For a one night stay Plaza Nueva is best!
Plaza Nueva is flanked by two hills. On one hill is the UNESCO heritage monument, Alhambra. On the other hill is Albayzin, the best preserved Moorish quarter in Spain. In terms of neighbourhood, Plaza Nueva is easily the best area to stay in Granada.

Avoid Albayzin Area

Though Albayzin area is as safe as any other area in Granada, I would not recommend staying in Albayzin neighbourhood as the narrow alleys look creepy at night. For a tourist, it is easy to get lost in the maze-like layout of Albayzin. Thus, you can avoid staying at Albayzin area.

At Granada, stay in a boutique hotel

I would urge you to select a boutique hotel. At Granada, known for its romantism and Moorish architecture, It will be wonderful to stay in a hotel housed in a building with Moorish architecture. Following boutique hotels , in addition to Parador de Granada, comes recommended.

  1. Hotel Casa Morisca

    Morisca means ‘Moorish in style’ and true to its name, this boutique hotel is housed in a beautifully restored 16th century Moorish town house with a grand central courtyard. It is at the foot of the Alhambra hill, with great views of Alhambra from most rooms. The hotel offers free parking opposite the hotel.
    Cuesta de la Victoria, 9, 18010, Granada,Spain

    +34 958 22 11 00    Hotel Website

  2. Hotel Casa 1800 Granada

    A charming and welcoming hotel, Casa 1800 Granada is housed in a characterful Miguelete´s house, a sixteenth century old Moorish building, with a large covered central patio. Convinent to stay at Hotel Casa 1800 Granada as it is a minute's walk from Plaza Nueva.
    Plaza Benalúa, 11, 18010, Granada Spain

    +34 958 21 07 00    Hotel Website

  3. Hotel Casa del Capitel Nazari

    A boutique hotel housed in beautifully restored 16th century Moorish minor palace. Hotel Casa del Capitel Nazari is located in a side street, very near Plaza Nueva. The hotel has an agreement with two public car parks for overnight parking.
    C/ Cuesta Aceituneros, 6, 18010, Granada, Spain

    +34 958 21 52 60    Hotel Website

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The most practical areas you should consider to stay in Granada are:

My 1st choice will be to stay in El Realejo.

The former Jewish quarter, El Realejo is a sweet spot between price and access to main attractions. El Realejo is not as expensive as Centro (City Centre) and has some nice bars and tapas.

2nd choice to stay is in El Centro.

This is the heart of Granada. You will be at a very short walk to all major attractions, bars and restaurants. But expect to pay more to stay in Granada City centre.

3rd choice to stay is in El Albaicin.

Albaicin is not for everybody. With lots of character and Moorish vibes, Albaicin is for the romantic and adventurous. It can get scary looking at night in the narrow lanes.

If you are on a budget in Granada.

For lower priced accommodation options, consider staying outside the city in Bola de Oro (green and quiet), or La Chana and La Cartuja which are close to the University.

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