Florence to Chianti by public transport

How to visit Chianti vineyards from Florence by public transport?

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The famous wine road, the Chiantigiana, is a public bus route, so you can easily get to the most popular vineyards if you plan your trip correctly. The “Chiantigiana” or SR 222 is a road that takes you around the entire Chianti area, from Florence to Siena.

Close to Florence

Castello di Vicchiomaggio

Castello di Vicchiomaggio (Greve in Chianti)
If you are looking for a day trip that is not too far away from Florence, but still offers a taste of Tuscany, you could consider going somewhere like Castello di Vicchiomaggio. Here you can have wine tastings without reservations, or if you want a tour of the place and lunch included you could book ahead.

How to get to Castello di Vicchiomaggio
From Santa Maria Novella station in Florence, you can take a SITA bus toward GREVE IN CHIANTI. Get off at the Le Bolle stop, and from here walk the remaining 2 kilometres up to where they are doing the wine tastings (this walk takes about 20 minutes).

Castello di Verrazzano

This winery is just a little bit further up the road from Castello di Vicchiomaggio, and you can either taste-test some wines in the shop that is right next to the road, or book a tour ahead of time for the winery and the cellars (this is similarly a short walk up the hill from the road).
How to get to Castello di Verrazzano
Take the same bus that you would to get to Castello di Vicchiomaggio (toward GREVE IN CHIANTI), and get off at the Greti stop which should be one stop after Le Bolle.

In the Heart of Chianti


If you want to go further into the heart of Tuscany, then you could consider taking a scenic bus through to Panzano. Panzano is one of the many towns in the Chianti region where you can wander through the old streets and soak up the Tuscan culture, taste test the local wine, and wander through history. Particular points of interest in this town include views of the Conca d'oro (just south of the village), wandering through the quiet back streets, drinking local wine in the main square, and visiting Pieve di San Leolino, an old rural church built back in 982.
How to get to Panzano
From Santa Maria Novella station, catch the Firenze (Florence) to Gaiole bus via Greve and Radda.


Greve is considered the heart of the Chianti region, and it is a great place to experience Tuscan culture. You can taste test Chianti wine, visit bars and restaurants, go to the wine museum, check out the central market square, and go to the butcher that only sells local products made in the region.
How to get to Greve
If you are visiting Panzano as well, you can catch the same bus back north and get off in Greve. You could also just visit Greve by catching the Firenze to Gaiole bus via Greve and Radda from Santa Maria Novella station.

Other towns

Other beautiful, famous towns such as San Gimignano can be difficult to get to cheaply from Florence, and it could be better to either rent a car or visit them if you are coming from Siena. Chianti is not especially difficult to tour when you have a car, but you might have limited options if you want to take public transport and do some of the tours yourself.

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It’s really hard to get there only by public transport. My first suggestion is you rent a car to go there. Otherwise, if you cannot afford a car or you just don’t want any responsibility on that, you could go for a tourist wine tour in Chianti. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of agencies that set them up. You can take advantage of visiting the most beautiful countryside in the world drinking Chianti :)

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